Ella you were such a faithful friend

A blessing to your children

For on you they could depend

A heart so warm and cheerful

Even till the very end

We who stand today are tearful

Thinking back on who you've been

Those you touched are gathered round you

Heavy hearts remember when

You were there to share their burdens

With a touch of fun thrown in

You and Tom were like two pillars

Lifting up a house of love

With a garden planted round it

Bearing fruit from all you've done

You have shown the light of kindness

From the Lord to show the way

None of what you had was wasted

What you had you freely gave

Giving hope that won't be shaken

Something death can't take away

You are in the arms of Jesus

He has overcome the grave

We are blessed and we are thankful

Even though in pain today

We will be forever grateful

For your love, our faithful friend

By Vic Lortz


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