Diamond on the Cross

What we could not conceive to be

Was in the mind of God

Forever in eternity

With angels rapt in awe

Suspended by our disbelief

In shame to suffer loss

He came to carry all our grief

A diamond on the cross

Unspeakable profanity

The hope of all humanity

The bright and morning star

In bearing the unbearable

Repaired the unrepairable

As love came pouring down

In crimson from the scar

Through searing pain

A crimson stain

He came to pay the cost

And show compassion to the lost

A diamond on the cross

His passion held him bound for me

To break the chains surrounding me

The savior of humanity

The brilliant Son of God

Will shine for all eternity

Forgiveness pouring down on me

To keep me rapt in awe

A diamond on the cross

By Vic Lortz, 5/15/2008

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