Speak to the Deep

Speak to the deep

The restless endless sea

Quiet the wind

Stirring endlessly

Round and around

This circle of sky

Bring it back to the ground

In the stillness profound

Be lifted

Be lifted up high

Be lifted

To light up the sky

Illuminate the vanity

Corrupting my humanity

Entangling distractions

Temporary satisfactions

Blow them out to sea

Cast them to the deep

In deepest darkness let them dive

And never let them come alive

Be lifted

Be lifted up high

Be lifted

Be King of my life

Restore what I lost

In the wind at the cross

Make this restless heart

Steadily new

As deep in my soul

I surrender control

To find freedom

Like I never knew

Speak to the deep

In the depths of my soul

Quiet the winds

That are out of control

Round and around

Stir my heart to your sound

You have given me hope

And a freedom profound

By Vic Lortz