Grace and Truth

Word of God

You stirred my heart

In ways that only

You could do

When I had made

A mess of things

You came to make me new

When all I knew

Was sin and shame

You gave me grace and truth

Grace and truth

It came from you

Completely changed my view

Mistakes I made

Made me afraid

To place my faith in you

And even though

I did not know

What I should say or do

The Word of God

Within my heart

Said I was made for you

In grace and truth

You did what you

And only you could do

When I was lost

You wore the cross

To pay what death was due

The stain of sin

Was washed away

I came awake to you

And all I want

To live for now

Is giving praise to you

[For the law was given through Moses, but

grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.

John 1:17]

Vic Lortz, 4/2006