Arise, my love

This is your time to shine

The light has come on you this time

The glory that I see in you

Speaks of all you are and yet will be

Awake, alive throughout eternity

Arise and shine, this is the time

To banish every tear and sigh

Remember who you are, do not lose heart

When enemies come like a flood

To steal and war against your soul

For you are precious to the Lord

His Spirit still is in control

And though it cost my life and blood

To show my love, I too

Will stand and fight for you

Your glory shines despite the tears that fall

And you reflect the one who gave it all

The one who made you beautiful

Who even now is rising over you

I think about your eyes

The windows of your soul

Oh, how I want to make them glow

Like a child, a little shy

But unable to contain delight

I pray for light to dawn on you

That you may know that I am true

And you are my most precious prize

So come to me, my love, arise

(Arise, shine; For your

light has come! And the glory of the LORD

is risen upon you. Isaiah 60:1)

Vic Lortz, 9/2003