Tell The Truth

If I could tell the truth

What would I do

The pressure to suppress

Can come cascading down on you

For even daring to suggest

What should be obvious is true

Regardless of your point of view

To anyone

Under the sun

It's nothing new

It's tempting to pretend

I didn't know

To pivot or to bend

Or step aside to watch the show

When others stumble on the stone

Of the Almighty on the throne

And won't repent

From what is bent

When you and I

Leave them alone

But this is not

As it should be

For we were taught

Not to delight in misery

The King of kings

Has shown us who

And how we need to be:



Full of love

And self control

Patient to a fault

Yet having hope

Found on the rock

When shaken to the core

Through tears of pain

We still remain

By grace and faith as heirs

Despite it all

Refusing to surrender to despair

So we must tell the truth

And face the pain

There is no other way

But there is something to explain

We all like sheep have gone astray

We each have sinned in different ways

But there is hope for there is grace

For everyone

There is a place

There is a way back home

And all who turn

To Him in faith

Will not remain alone

By Vic Lortz


Proverbs 24:11-12

Ezekiel 33

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