Natural Systems Include All of Nature: Living Systems, Geology, Water, and Air

Working Group Update

At IW2020, the team reviewed our status:

Six webinars in 2019 focused on specific topics of interest to members. 35 members signed up through INCOSE, and around 100 total.

Co-curation of the September 2019 NASA Virtual Interchange for Nature Inspired Exploration Tools meeting.

Seven sessions at IW2020. Details on the left, send a note for link to recordings.

The following items are products we will work on in 2020:
  • Draft of Natural Systems for SE primer
    • Online TPP review
  • Prototype of patterns in nature
  • Work with NASA on Biocene 2020 (October in Ohio). 
In addition we will curate about six webinars. The following are scheduled:
  • Patterns in nature for SEs (February)
  • Update / review of primer draft (March)
  • Use of the morphological approach (April)
  • Using system process theory (July)
  • Sustainable development goals (joint with social systems WG)
Content curators: we have a few topics in mind, and are open to more. Set up webinars or focused discussions. The individual will select a topic and suggest papers for an informal discussion. They will also work with leadership to suggest a webinar speaker on the topic.

We work in the following topic areas:

Bio-Inspired Design 
Biomimetics and Systems Mimicry
Patterns in Natural Systems
Complexity and Natural Systems
Mapping Natural Systems Tools to the SE Process

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NSWG priorities for 2020 are:
  • support for inclusion of natural systems thinking in system engineering and architecture.
  • coordination with the VINE systemology cluster of NASA Virtual Interchange for Nature Inspired Exploration.
  • engagement and collaborations with other INCOSE Working Groups and stakeholders.

INCOSE Natural Systems Working Group (NSWG)

Co-Chairs:  Curt McNamara, Randy Anway, Alex Wolf


NASA Biocene Overview

Friday, Oct 30th, noon CDT

Please join us for an overview of the Natural Systems and Systemology sessions at the recent NASA Virtual Interchange for Nature Inspired Explorations.

There were three sessions:
- Dr Jacquelyn will present the beginnings of a Design For Biom* (DfB) project. There will be an interactive Mural to allow your input
- Randy Anway and Alex Wolf will recap their session on Patterns in Time and Space
- Curt McNamara will give an overview of the short videos being created to support the Natural Systems Primer

A zoom link will be sent to the NSWG alias a few days before the meeting.

WG update: we have received approval of the Primer as a technical product! That plan states there will be a draft available for review at the Oct NASA bio-inspired design workshop. So we need your help! There are a number of topics where we need short summaries. These include function, NS and the SE process, swarm techniques, patterns, metaphor/analogy, search, and more. Please let us know if you can draft a paragraph or two.

The current primer draft can be viewed at this location, and your comments are welcomed.


              Curt, Randy and Alex

A recording of the webinar on morphology has also been uploaded to our dropbox. We have a separate dropbox folder for papers on patterns, let us know if you want the link.

INCOSE Natural Systems Working Group (NSWG)

Co-Chairs:  Curt McNamara,
Randy Anway
Alex Wolf