Natural Systems Include All of Nature: Living Systems, Geology, Water, and Air

Working Group Update

At IW2020, the team reviewed our status:

Six webinars in 2019 focused on specific topics of interest to members. 35 members signed up through INCOSE, and around 100 total.

Co-curation of the September 2019 NASA Virtual Interchange for Nature Inspired Exploration Tools meeting.

Seven sessions at IW2020. Details on the left, send a note for link to recordings.

The following items are products we will work on in 2020:
  • Draft of Natural Systems for SE primer
    • Online TPP review
  • Prototype of patterns in nature
  • Work with NASA on Biocene 2020 (October in Ohio). 
In addition we will curate about six webinars. The following are scheduled:
  • Patterns in nature for SEs (February)
  • Update / review of primer draft (March)
  • Use of the morphological approach (April)
  • Using system process theory (July)
  • Sustainable development goals (joint with social systems WG)
Content curators: we have a few topics in mind, and are open to more. Set up webinars or focused discussions. The individual will select a topic and suggest papers for an informal discussion. They will also work with leadership to suggest a webinar speaker on the topic.

We work in the following topic areas:

Bio-Inspired Design 
Biomimetics and Systems Mimicry
Patterns in Natural Systems
Complexity and Natural Systems
Mapping Natural Systems Tools to the SE Process

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NSWG priorities for 2020 are:
  • support for inclusion of natural systems thinking in system engineering and architecture.
  • coordination with the VINE systemology cluster of NASA Virtual Interchange for Nature Inspired Exploration.
  • engagement and collaborations with other INCOSE Working Groups and stakeholders.

INCOSE Natural Systems Working Group (NSWG)

Co-Chairs:  Curt McNamara, Randy Anway, Alex Wolf


Cognitive Science and

Bio-Inspired Design

Friday, July 17th, noon CDT

Please join us for a discussion on cognitive systems and how they relate to bio-inspired design. Randy Anway (co-chair) will present.

Friday's informal discussion will be on a cognitive systems view of bio-inspired design and its' applicability to SE.

This will be based on a sampling of the extensive literature from cognitive science and AI, covering 

  • Basic cognitive science approaches
  • Biological models
  • Recent developments
  • Open source resources

We will focus on features that  distinguish bio-inspired design from generic design and innovation approaches, and hopefully will have time to work through a concept mapping example

WG update: we have received approval of the Primer as a technical product! That plan states there will be a draft available for review at the Oct NASA bio-inspired design workshop. So we need your help! There are a number of topics where we need short summaries. These include function, NS and the SE process, swarm techniques, patterns, metaphor/analogy, search, and more. Please let us know if you can draft a paragraph or two.

The existing primer draft and supporting documents are in this dropbox folder:

              Curt, Randy and Alex

A recording of the webinar on morphology has also been uploaded to our dropbox. We have a separate dropbox folder for papers on patterns, let us know if you want the link.

INCOSE Natural Systems Working Group (NSWG)

Co-Chairs:  Curt McNamara,
Randy Anway
Alex Wolf