International Legal exchanges, Université Laval (Québec)

Université Laval in Québec City - a French-speaking city with hints of Amerindian, French and British influences - is Canada's international mobility leader. Life in the Faculty of Law is governed by the rythm of departures and arrivals for students. The International Profile law program is a genuine springboard enabling students to complete a portion of their schooling abroad. This period of study is financed and officially recognized for diploma purposes by Université Laval under a reciprocity agreement it holds with partners in several countries in Europe and the Americas. For example, interested students can study common law in one of United States's, United Kingdom's or Ontario's universities. The Bureau international is responsible for providing logistical support for student mobility prior to departing for study abroad. What is to be gained by a diploma bearing the "International Profile" stamp? For one, a mass of new knowledge. But also, and above all, openness to realities of today's world, contacts in international networks, linguistic and intercultural skills, and greater professional autonomy. The International Profile program means an enriched curriculum for anyone who aspires to work in a global context. The world leaves its mark on legal education. (Bureau international, Université Laval).