Effective Method and Technique for research about law and culture within society

Anthropological studies with regard to the function of law as system of social control and order within society have primary been conducted by anthropologist. It is, therefore, recognized that anthropologists offered more significant contribution in relation to the development of concept of law as instrument of securing social control and legal order within the dynamic life of society. The anthropological study of law focuses its study to the interaction between the law and social and cultural phenomena which take place in society, as well as the work and function of law as instrument of social order and control within communities. In other words, legal anthropology refers to the study of cultural aspects which associate to the legal phenomenon of social and legal order within society. Law and society including its culture has a mutual relationship, interact each other, and can not be separated if we do want to obtain better understanding about law holistically. Hence, law should be studied as part of culture integrally with other aspects of culture such like politic, economy, social structure, and religion, etc. In this sense, we must have a look at society and culture at large in order to find the place of law within the total structure. We must have some idea of how society works before we can have a full conception of what law is and how it works. It is because law expresses and defines the norms of the community. In relation to the academic way of understanding about place and the life of law within society and its culture and legal system as well, the proposed paper will attempt to describe and outline effective method and technique in legal anthropology as part of the empirical study of law.