Bilingual and Bicultural legal education: The Inter-American Program

The conference shall present the Inter-American Program from Pacific McGeroge School of Law as a top notch international model for the incorporation the bilingual and bicultural education. The Conference will be a bilingual presentation. The program consists of two wide tracks: 1. The preparation of lawyers in the United States to represent Spanish speaker clients in matters regarding the Common (American) Anglo-legal tradition, and or transactional representing Latin American clients interested in investment and/or to immigrate to the United States; and or the representation of clients interested in the foreign affairs of the United Stated towards Latin America. 2. The preparation of the students to deal with comparative and international law focusing in the sources of international law and the national laws of the Latin American countries to represent clients for the United States interested in investments and commercial affairs in Latin America; and or to work with Human Rights and rule of law reforms in Latin America The conference is well designed to present different prospective, backgrounds and experiences: Katie Oldham will be a model student to discover and gain exposure within the project;Raquel Aldana, the Director of the Inter-American Program, will provide a well rounded vision and presentation of the program;Luis Mogollon will present the Guatemala Exchange Project, key part of the Inter-American program to provide real experiences to the students;Hector de Avila will present the Legal Spanish Class as part of the bilingual and bicultural education of the law student.