SS Science Videos

Diffusion Experiment with
r Khan *new*

Diffusion Experiment with Mr. Khan.mp4

Friction with
r Elder *new*

Friction with Mr

Magnetic Force Snake Charmer with Mr Khan *new*

Magnetic Force - Snake Charmer with Mr Khan.m4v

Static Electricity with Miss Garvie *new*

Static Electricity with Miss Garvie.mp4

Balancing bird with
Mrs Wright

Balancing Bird with Mrs Wright.mp4

surface tension with
Mr Khan

Surface Tension with Mr Khan.mp4

DIY Lava Lamp with
Miss Garvie

Copy of DIY Lava Lamp - Miss Garvie.mp4

Vinegar/Baking Soda Extinguisher with Mrs Wright

Copy of Vinegar/Baking soda extinguishes a candle with Mrs Wright.MOV

Floating Egg with
Mr Seth

Copy of Floating Egg with Mr Seth.mp4

Magic Milk with
Miss Ansin

Copy of Magic Milk.mp4

Paper Swimming Fish with Miss Posthumus

Copy of Paper swimming fish with Miss Postumus