Middle School

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Here are the Middle School learning activities for this week. There is a Reading, Maths, and Language task each day. You also have the option to choose one other task to complete which could be linked to topic, visual art, fitness, science or something else. These can be found in the table at the bottom.

Middle School Home Based Learning

Term 1, Week 4 (March 1st - 5th)

Government learning from home website - https://learningfromhome.govt.nz/home

As well as daily activities, here are some websites that you might light to have a look at.

Free online stories for children of different ages

Username: puhinui

Password: books2015

Answer the questions underneath the picture.

Answer the questions underneath the picture.

monday 1st march


Home Alone

My name is Spoon and I am a pug. I am home alone in the daytime. My owner goes out and it is time for me to have some fun. I like to jump on all of the beds. I drink from the pond and eat the slippers. Sometimes, I like to chew up all of the tissues in the box. I slide down the stairs on my tum. Then, I run back to my bed when I hear the key turn in the door.

Answer the following questions about the text:

  1. What type of dog is Spoon?

  2. What is Spoon’s favourite thing to do when he is left alone?

  3. Find and copy a word that rhymes with hide.

  4. Number the following events from 1 to 3 to show the order that they appear in the text.

· I drink from the pond.

· I slide down the stairs.

· I liked to jump on all of the beds.

  1. How do you think Spoon’s owner felt when they came back home?


Exciting Words

Think of 10 exciting words that start with the letter a, and write them down in a list. Choose 5 (or more) to write in a sentence.

Think about:

  • Choosing some long and short words

  • What the words mean

  • How else you could write it in a sentence

Don’t forget to check

  • Capital letters and full stops

  • Spelling

  • Interesting describing words

Extra challenge: Write your list words beginning with the letter a in alphabetical order. Remember if the first letter of the word is the same look at the next letter to help you put them in order.


Add up to 5 challenge

Write a list of all the whole numbers you can think of that when the digits are added together you get 5. You might even find some three or four digit numbers.

Here is an example:

32 3 + 2 = 5

Write your list of numbers in order from smallest to largest.

tuesday 2nd march


Troy’s Noisy Toy Toilet

Troy is a boy who enjoys playing with his toy toilet. His toilet has a noisy flush and it is tons of fun. However, Troy’s toy toilet really annoys his mom. Mom doesn’t enjoy the noisy sound of the flush. Mom wishes that Troy would avoid the toilet and find a new toy. Maybe Troy would enjoy playing with a silver coin? Or maybe he would like a toy boat that could take a voyage. “Don’t spoil my fun,” says Troy. I only like my noisy toilet.

Answer the following questions about the text:

  1. Circle all of the /oi/ words spelled oi.

  2. Underline all of the /oi/ words spelled oy.

  3. How would you describe Troy’s favorite toy?

  4. Why do you think that mom doesn’t like the toilet?

  5. What is your favorite toy?

Wordwork: List all of the /oi/ words from the story.


Finding adjectives

Copy the sentences below and underline the adjectives (describing words).

E.g Smanatha wore a red dress.

  1. The cat had pretty eyes.

  2. Joshua has long legs.

  3. She cut her hand on the rough log.

  4. The shiny diamond sparkled in the bright sun.

  5. The calm penguin looked around the pebbly beach.

  6. The huge elephant drank from the murky waterhole.

  7. The small dog has fluffy, brown fur.

Choose 4 of the sentences above and rewrite them with more exciting adjectives.

Choose 10 items from your home and write sentences to describe them using exciting adjectives.


Missing Numbers

Choose one of the tasks to do below. Or you could do both if you like.

a) Fill in the gaps

b) Fill in the gaps

Extension: See if you can make your own pattern with missing numbers and ask someone at home to solve it.

wednesday 3rd March


My Dog Has Got No Manners

By Bruce Lansky

My dog has got no manners.

I think he’s very rude.

He always whines at dinnertime

while we are eating food.

And when he’s feeling thirsty

and wants to take a drink,

he takes it from the toilet

instead of from the sink.

He never wears a pair of pants.

He doesn’t wear a shirt.

But worse, he will not shower

to wash away the dirt.

He’s not polite to strangers.

He bites them on the rear.

And when I’m on the telephone,

he barks so I can’t hear.

When I complained to my Mum

she said, “I really thought you knew:

the reason that his manners stink—

he learns by watching you.”

Answer the questions:

  1. What is the poem mainly about?

  2. Can you find four rhyming words from the poem.

  3. Why do you think he bites strangers?

  4. Where is your “rear”?

  5. Did you enjoy the poem?

  6. Can you draw a picture of a dog?


  • Write about why it is important to be sun safe?

  • Write a list of things to keep you safe and be sunsmart.

  • Don’t forget to miss lines, just like at school.

  • Include a title and then write the instructions.

Have you got capital letters and full stops? Check your spelling.


Addition Skills

thursday 4th march


Read between the lines - looking for clues

The Race

It was the final lap of the race. The sixty-sixth lap of a hair-raising, 100 kilometer an hour madness. John was all set for the victory. Around the final bend he came, then bang…

Everything stopped. John could see flashes of red, green and blue flying past him to the finish line. He placed his head in his hands and sighed.

  1. What kind of race was John in? What clues can you see?

  2. How is John feeling at the end of the story? What clues can you see?

  3. Why would he be feeling that way? What clues do you see?

  4. What might happen after the race? Why do you think that?

Hiding Place

“10, 9, 8, 7…”

Chelsea dived in. The material was all soft and warm but she could tell she was very easy to spot. “I know,” she thought and climbed out and hid underneath. “I won’t be found here,” she said to herself.

  1. What game is Chelsea playing? What clues do you see?

  2. Describe Chelsea’s first hiding place? What clues do you see?

  3. Who could be looking for Chelsea?


Delicious Descriptions

Choose any type of food and use your five senses to describe it.

Here’s an example to help you:


TASTES: Salty, warm, buttery, silky

SMELLS: Sweet, buttery, delicious

LOOKS: Bumpy, yellow and white

SOUNDS: Crunchy

FEELS: Melty, warm, greasy

Can you think of two more types of food that you could describe?


Bonds to 10 and 20

Can you figure out what the missing number is in each of these pictures?

Eg. 19 + 1 =20

Challenge: Ask someone at home to make up some more problems like this with some different numbers. See if you can solve them.

friday 5th march


The Bee

Bees live in a house that is called a hive. There are three kinds of bees: workers, drones, and queens. Only one queen bee can live in each hive. If she is lost or dead, the other bees will stop their work.

Bees are very wise and busy little creatures. They all join together to build cells of wax for their honey. Each bee takes its proper place and does its own work. Some go out and gather honey from the flowers; others stay at home and work inside the hive.

The cells which they build are all of one shape and size, and no room is left between them. The cells are not round. They have six sides.

Did you ever look into a glass hive to see the bees while at work? It is pleasant to see how busy they always are.

But the drones do not work. Before winter comes, all the drones are driven from the hive so that they don’t eat the honey which they did not gather.

It is not safe for children to handle bees. Bees have a painful sting that they use in their defense.

Answer the following questions about the text above:

  1. How many sides does a cell in the hive have?

    1. Three

    2. Four

    3. Six

    4. Seven

  2. What happens to the drones in the winter?

    1. They sleep.

    2. They find a new hive.

    3. They are driven out.

    4. They repair the hive.

  3. Which is not a kind of bee?

    1. Workers

    2. Kings

    3. Queens

    4. Drones

  4. Which word best describes bees?

    1. Hard-working

    2. Lazy

    3. Stupid

    4. Cuddly


Your Favourite Person

Who is your favourite person on the planet? Describe this person. What do you like most about that person?

Remember to include lots of details and descriptive words.

Extension: Draw a picture of this person.


Problem Solving

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

  1. Choose four different digits between 1 and 9.

  2. How many possible numbers can you make using these digits?

  3. Write your numbers in forwards and backwards order. ( i.e from small number to bigger number and then bigger number to smaller number).

Write a number sentence involving some of your numbers.

Extra for experts:

  1. Draw hundreds, tens and ones.

  2. Draw a picture to show your number sentence.

Topic/Other - Here are some additional activities you can choose from if you wish to.

Social Sciences: Where are you from?

Talk to a member of your family to find out more about where you and your family are from.

  • If your family has a connection to another country, find out 5 facts that you didn’t know already about that country. Can you find it on a map? What does the flag look like? Are there any famous people from your country?

  • If your family is from New Zealand, which town or city? Find out 5 facts that you didn’t know about that town or city. Can you find it on a map? Are there any famous people from your town or city?

Visual Arts/Health: Handwashing Poster

Design a poster explaining how to wash your hands properly. You can use pictures, labels or sentences to explain what to do.

Once you have made your poster you could ask a family member to have a go at following your poster, will they wash their hands properly?

Health and Safety: Do you know this important information?

  1. Your mom/dad/caregivers telephone number.

  2. Your address.

  3. Your birthday.

  4. Your full name.

Now write down this information on a piece of paper and read it everyday, so that you can remember it without looking at the paper.


Pretend that you are in a real life emergency situation. Maybe you are lost, or there is a fire, or someone is hurt. Pretend that you are calling Emergency Services.

  • What number would you dial?

  • What would you say?

  • What information would you need to give them?

Health and Safety: Fire Escape Plan

Talk to your parents, grandparents, caregivers, or whoever it is that you live with at home. Together, come up with an escape plan that would help you to get out of your house safely if there was a fire or an emergency.

-Practise getting out of the house fast using your escape plan.

-Practice keeping low to the floor and remembering “Get out, Stay out”

-Design a map to show the safe route from our bedroom to outside and any alternatives

-Agree with your family where the safe meeting space would be.

-Check that the smoke detectors in the house are working.

Fitness: Gonoodle

Keep your fitness up at home through fun videos and watch your monster grow.

If you don’t have a device, create your own fitness circuit. Include 5 different fitness exercises.

Kindness is “Magic”

Spread your magic by being as king as you can! Tick off the boxes as you complete them. Let’s show everyone how much you care!

Fitness Challenge: Choose one of the following exercises.

Challenge yourself to see how many you can do in a minute. Do this each day for a week and see if you improve!

Welcome back to online learning. Below are some activities that you can complete at home with your child over the next few days. Choose one or more a day, or even add your own. Keep it fun, have breaks and enjoy some family time as well.

Middle School Home Based Learning

Activities and Websites

Term 1, Week 2

Choice Board

Get Active

Gonoodle - Keep your fitness up at home through fun videos and watch your monster grow.

Cook up a Storm

Help someone at home cook dinner

Drama Time

Write a play and share with friends and family.


Write 10 questions that you would like to ask your teacher when you get back to school.

Letter Writing

Write a letter to an elderly relative.

Alphabet Hunt

Find an object from around

the house beginning with every letter of the alphabet.

Record your list.

Read Aloud

Make a video reading your favourite picture book. Share it with someone who would enjoy it. If you don’t have a device, just read a book to a family member.


Have a paper airplane challenge with your family. Whose plane can fly best?

Scavenger Hunt

Hide five toys around your house. Create a scavenger hunt with clues for someone to find them.

Nature Hunt

Collect sticks, leaves, flowers and other items from nature and create an art piece.

Online shopping

Look at an online supermarket website and decide what you would buy if you had $100. You could use a flyer from the letterbox if you don’t have a device.

Helping Out

Wash the windows in your lounge to be helpful or do another chore.

Obstacle Course

Create an obstacle course outside and time yourself completing it.

Writing instructions

Write instructions on how to make your favourite sandwich.

Be a Choreographer

Create a dance or exercise programme for your family.

Bird Watching

Spend an hour outside and record the birds you see. Draw your favourite one.