Senior School

Copy of Copy of Senior school Online Week 5 Term 4 2021

Week 4 : Term 4, 2021






What’s that?

Bang-bang! I hear the dogs bark,

The Roman Candles shoot in the dark

Little sparkles and big ones too,

Bang, bang, bang!

What shall I do?

Mum and dad, let me in

I want to be there when the fireworks begin


Complete ALL the following tasks:

  1. Write a poem describing Fireworks day for you

  2. Describe how the fireworks explode in the sky including 4 verbs, 4 adjectives, 1 metaphors and 2 similes to paint a clear picture in the reader’s mind.

What do we need to be successful writers?

Word bank

explode, extravagant, sparkling, dazzling, magnificent, colourful, flamboyant, glorious, brilliant, magical, twirl, flip, circle, star, jump



When I’m Afraid

My palms get sweaty,

heart’s a Korean drum,

the stomach rises and falls like the peak of a roller-coaster.

I swallow saliva again and again,

eyes close.


Choose one of the following tasks to write about:

  1. Write a descriptive piece about when you get afraid, nervous or shy and what happens to your feelings, body and thinking. Include 3 adjectives, 2 verbs, 1 simile and 1 metaphor.

  2. Explain to the reader what happens when you’re nervous or afraid and what you do to overcome your fears. Remember to explain why and how this helps you feel better.

  3. Extension - Write a descriptive piece about what happens when you’re afraid and include 5 adjectives, 5 verbs, 2 similes and 2 metaphors to make the picture clear.

What do we need to be successful writers?

Word bank

Shock, fearful, overcome, challenges, panic, anxious, stressed, patient, happiness, suspenseful, clinch, close, wrap, shaking, lean, backwards



Diwali Celebration: The Return of Lord Rama, after the exile of 14 long years

Mostly in Northern & Central India, this is the reason of people celebrating Diwali. Rama was the son of King of Ayodhya [Raja Dashratha] and he was married to Sita [Daughter of King Janak]. When King Dashratha decided Rama to be crowned as a King, his enraged step mother hatched a plan and got him exiled from the town for 14 long years. The faithful prince obeyed his step mother’s wishes and ventured into the Jungle with his wife Sita and brother Laxman. As fate would have it, Ravana, the King of Lanka, kidnapped and took away Sita from the Jungle to Lanka [Sri Lanka, as you all know]. Then Rama, with the help of Lords Hanuman and Sugreev got into a war with Ravana, in which he was killed and Rama got back Sita. As the expulsion was coming to an end, it was on the day of Diwali, a no-moon day that Rama with Sita and Laxman, returned back to Ayodhya.

Hence to welcome them back home, thousands of diya’s and lights were lit throughout the city and there was a wave of merriment all around.


Choose one of the following tasks:

  1. As the main character Rama, write about how you felt when you went into the dense jungle, what kind of wild animals you encountered and how you kept your family safe?

  2. Describe the atmosphere and the scene when you returned after 14 years from exile. What were some of the things the people of your kingdom did to celebrate your return as the rightful king.

  3. EXTENSION: Once you have been crowned as the king, what are some of the changes you will bring about in your kingdom and treat everyone as equal.Think about some the the rules that will be fair for the people.

What do we need to be successful writers?

Word bank

Jubilant, merriment, eerie, ferocious, excitement, evil, celebration. glittering



Dakuwaqa :The Shark God of Fiji

One of the best known gods in Fijian legends is the fierce sea-monster Dakuwaqa. He was the guardian of the reef entrance of the islands, fearless, headstrong and jealous. He frequently changed himself into the form of a shark and traveled around the islands fighting all the other reef guardians.

One day he set out for the Lomaiviti group and after emerging victorious from this area he decided to set out for Suva. The guardian of the reef here challenged Dakuwaqa and a great struggle took place. There was such a disturbance that great waves went rolling into the mouth of the Rewa River causing valleys to be flooded for many miles inland.

Dakuwaqa once more emerged as victor and proceeded on his way. Near the island of Beqa his old friend Masilaca, another shark god, told him of the great strength of the gods guarding Kadavu island and slyly asked Dakuwaqa whether he would be afraid to meet them. Like a shot Dakuwaqa sped off towards Kadavu and, on nearing the reef, found a giant octopus guarding the passage. The octopus had four of its tentacles securely gripping the coral and the other four were held aloft. Rushing furiously in, Dakuwaqa soon found that he was being almost squeezed to death as the octopus had coiled its tentacles around him. Realizing his danger Dakuwaqa begged for mercy and told the octopus that if his life was spared he would never harm any people from Kadavu wherever they may be in any part of Fiji waters.

So the octopus released him and Dakuwaqa kept his promise, and the people of Kadavu have no fear of sharks when out fishing or swimming.

Even today when local fishermen go out for a night’s fishing they reverently pour a bowl of yaqona into the sea for Dakuwaqa.

The high chiefs of Cakaudrove are considered the direct descendants of Dakuwaqa and their totem shark will appear to the reigning chief on occasions when momentous news is about to be announced.


Choose one of the following tasks to write about:

  1. Read the legend from Fiji, Describe the shark god. Use interesting adjectives, similes, and metaphors. Try to use your imagination and create your own version of the Shark God.( use the picture as a guide)

  2. Retell the legend in your own words, you can also change and create your own version of the legend

  3. EXTENSION: Give your opinion about the legend,

Do you believe it? Why/Why not? Do you know of another legend? Compare it with the one you just read.

What do we need to be successful writers?

Word bank

Legend, mysterious, extraordinary, fearless, strength, courageous, brave, dreaded, powerful



The large room was cold and damp. Breathing in deeply, he stared up at the bright light, which looked close but he knew it was far away. With steady fingers, he adjusted the special backpack on his shoulders. He had to reach the light soon. He hit the power button on the backpack and felt his feet leave the ground…


Choose one of the following tasks to write about:

  1. Continue the story above. Who is the man in the picture? What do you think will happen when he reaches the light?

  2. Write a description of the character in the picture using figurative language (metaphor, simile, personification, onomatopoeia).

  3. Extension: Do you think that humans will live in Outer Space? Write a paragraph explaining your opinion.

What do we need to be successful writers?

Word bank

Outer Space, Alien, Space Shuttle, Rocket Ship, Asteroid Belt, MIlky Way, Adventure

maths - fractions

Use this Reference Mat to help you with your Fractions this week!

The Shape is known as your WHOLE NUMBER!

The Denominator is how many equal parts you must split your Shape (Whole Number) into.

The Numerator is how many parts you must shade in.

Fraction Word Problems! Stage E6 and 6! Year 5 and 6!

Remember to find the ‘Whole Number’ and Split that number using the Denominator.

Use the Numerator to determine how many parts of the Denominator must be counted.

  1. Arthur purchased a bag of lollies. In the bag, there were Green, Yellow, Red, Orange and Purple lollies. He counted 40 lollies in total.

½ of the lollies were red. How many red lollies were there?

  1. Aroha baked a batch of 24 cupcakes. She iced ¼ of them with chocolate icing. How many cupcakes had chocolate icing?

  1. Aroha iced the rest of the cupcakes with Strawberry Icing. What fraction of Aroha’s cupcakes are iced with Strawberry Icing?

  1. Matthew has $60 saved up in his bank account. He went to the shops and spent of it on a video game. How much money did he spend?

  1. How much money did Mathew have left? Write your answer as a fraction!

  1. Fleur owned a flower shop. In her shop there are 50 bouquets of flowers. of them contain daffodils. How many bouquets have daffodils?

  1. Mr. Seth has a rock garden with 80 rocks in total. His neighbour’s sneaky cat stole ¼ of those rocks. How many rocks were taken by the cat?

  1. How many rocks does Mr. Seth have left in his rock garden? How would you write this as a fraction? (hint: there is more than one way to write it!)

  1. Bob the builder is building a house. He needs 100 bricks to build the house, but he only has 60 bricks. What fraction of bricks does he already have?

  1. How many bricks will Bob need to build his house? How would you write this as a fraction?

  1. Libby the librarian has 25 books in her library. She currently has 10 of those books out on loan. What fraction of her books are currently on loan?

  1. Some locals came in after this and borrowed a further 5 books. Now what fraction of her books are on loan?

Halves and Quarters of Fractions! Stage E6 and 6! Year 5 and 6!


A half is represented as ½

A quarter is represented as ¼

If more than one part of the shape is shaded, the numerator changes

Write the correct fraction using the images below:

Colour in the amount of Parts the Fraction Represents!

Year 5 and 6! Stage E6 and 6!

Use the Shaded Parts to Fill in the Fraction!

Stage E6 and 6! Year 5 and 6!

Finding Fractions of a Set! Stage E6 and 6! Year 5 and 6!

Using the table below; record your thinking and answer for each problem.

The Denominator is how many equal parts you must split your Whole Number into.

The Numerator is how many of the equal parts you count.

Finding Fractions of a Set! Extension. Stage 6!

Using the table below; record your thinking and answer for each problem.

The Denominator is how many equal parts you must split your Whole Number into.

The Numerator is how many of the equal parts you count.

Comparing Fractions! Stage 6!

When you compare fractions, you are trying to figure out which fraction is smaller or bigger.

The symbols < and > are used to show whether a number is smaller or larger than the other. If the ‘mouth’ is open, it means the number it is eating is larger than the number it left behind. For example:

  • 8 < 10 → The number 10 is larger than 8.

  • 7 > 3 → The number 3 is smaller than 7.

If the numbers are the same size you must use the symbol = which means ‘equal to’. For example:

  • ½ of 10 = ⅓ of 15 → Half of the number 10 is 5 which is equal to a Third of 15 which is also 5.

Using the information above, shade the correct fraction and write >, <, or = to compare the fractions

topic - science

Metal Quiz

  1. What is the chemical symbol of gold?

  2. True or false? Steel is a chemical element.

  3. What is the most common metal found on Earth?

  4. True or False? Sodium is a very reactive metal.

  5. What three kinds of medals are awarded at the Olympic Games?

  6. True or false? Metal bonding with metal is known as a metallic bond.

  7. Bronze is made from what two metals?

  8. What is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature?

  9. True or false? Sterling silver is made up of less than 50% silver by weight.

  10. What metal has the chemical symbol Pb?

Choose from the following words below:

Lead Au

Copper and Tin True

True Gold, silver and bronze

Iron Mercury

False - Alloy False - Over 92%

Heat Quiz

  1. True or false? The boiling point of water is 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit).

  2. When water is cooled, does it expand or contract?

  3. True or false? The highest temperature ever recorded on Earth is 42.4 °C (108.3 °F)

  4. Heat from the sun gets to the Earth by radiation, conduction or convention?

  5. What is the freezing temperature of water?

  6. True or false? Kelvin, Celsius and Fahrenheit are all measures of temperature.

  7. True or false? 100 Kelvin is the temperature of absolute zero.

  8. Substances that don’t conduct heat are known as what?

  9. True or false? Heat is a form of energy.

  10. At what temperature is Fahrenheit equal to Centigrade?

Choose from the following words below:

Expand True

Radiation False -57/8 C (32 degrees fahrenheit)

0 degrees celsius True

False - 0 Kelvin Insulators

-40 degrees True

Orange Fizzy


  • An Orange

  • 1/2 Teaspoon Baking Soda


  1. Cut the orange into slices or peel separate into sections

  2. Dip a slice or section into the baking soda

  3. Take a bite! As you chew, it should start to bubble in your mouth

How does it work?

When acids and bases mix, you get some exciting chemistry! Oranges and other citrus fruits are filled with citric acid. It is a safe acid, and it’s what gives oranges, lemons, and limes their sourness. Baking soda is a base, the opposite of an acid. It’s also safe, but doesn’t taste very good on it’s own, and will give you a tummy ache if you eat a lot of it. As the citric acid and baking soda mix, it makes millions of carbon dioxide bubbles, the same gas you breathe out, and the same one that makes soda so fizzy.