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Senior School Home Learning

Term 1 - week 4

Kiwi kids News Quiz

Use the Kiwi kids News Website to answer the following questions


  • Read the poem ‘If I were the Principal’ and answer the questions below:

If I Were the Principal

If I were the Principal, boy, things would change.

Our school would be fun, if a little bit strange.

We'd keep kangaroos in the classrooms as pets.

We'd travel to Tonga and learn to fly jets.

We'd get to make movies, and all become stars.

For field trips we'd blast off on rockets to Mars.

We'd learn to raise monsters and build time machines.

We'd surf on tsunamis in sleek submarines.

We'd learn to make robots with nuclear brains,

and dig up a dinosaur's fossil remains.

We'd battle with pirates and plunder their gold.

We'd duel with dragons for treasures untold.

We'd practice some potions and magical spells

to stink up the schoolyard with sickening smells,

to make us invisible, eighty feet tall,

or turn into liquid or walk through a wall.

Yes, if I were Principal, that's what we'd do.

We'd lock evil scientists up in the zoo,

while vanquishing villains and capturing crooks.

In other words, we would read many more books. --Kenn Nesbitt


  1. Write the name of the poet and poem.

  2. How many verses are there?

  3. Underline all the rhyming words.

  4. What does the poet want to do in verse 1?

  5. Read verse 2. Which movie would you like to make. Why?

  6. Draw the monster you would like to raise. Write a list of what your monster would need.

  7. How would a robot be able to help you at school?

  8. In verse 3, what do you think “plunder” means?

  9. What ingredients would you need to make a “sickening” smell?

  10. Choose a verse and illustrate it accurately.

Word Work: Nouns with Superheroes

Part One: Identifying Nouns

Circle each noun. There is more than one in each sentence.

  1. The city of Metropolis needs a real superhero to fight crime.

  1. The superheroes in Metropolis have some pretty silly superpowers.

  1. John has the most amazing superpower.

  1. With just a little caffeine, John can study all night!

6. Captain Football can throw a football over Mount Everest with one hand!

7. Birdman can talk to birds but the birds have been getting bored with his conversation recently.

8. The Grasshopper can jump over cars, trees, and buildings.

9. The Flea is always itchy and never hesitates to bite his enemies.

10. All good superheroes fight for truth, justice, and the right to wear spandex.

11. Homework Girl can complete any task that her teacher assigns in a single class period.

12. Mister Invisible is awfully hard to find, unless there is snow on the ground.

13. Turbo Boy has super speed, lots of attitude, and minty fresh breath.

14. The Mule can carry ten times his own weight.

15. Mr. Morton has only one weakness: mortonium, a secret metal that drains intelligence from geniuses.


Postcode Writing

Pretend you are at your dream holiday destination. Write a postcard to a family member back home - be descriptive about all the exciting things you have done. Include lots of details about the place so they know exactly what it’s like there.

Black Out Poetry

Grab an old book or a newspaper and read through it. Look for interesting words; words that stand out to you, sentences that could be a part of your poem. Black out the rest so your poem is highlighted. Read thoroughly and think critically about your chosen words, sentence structures and poetic flow.

Description Writing

  • Use your descriptive writing skills to describe the settings below. Use the key words to help you.

Picture Prompt: Mr Wolf

Task: write a narrative using the ‘Mr Wolf’ picture for inspiration.

If you like you can use the story starter below to get you started. It might be a good idea to discuss the main events in your story with someone before you start writing, or you might like to do a written plan.

Story starter: In the deepest, darkest depths of the forest, Mr. Wolf waited…

Remember to:

  • Group the main events in your story into paragraphs.

  • Use some short sentences to create suspense and tension in your writing.

You will need to pick the word list that best suits your current ability.


Complete the Amazing Race and Today’s Number Activity below. You can pick a number yourself or ask an adult to give you one (make sure you challenge yourself though, don’t pick a number you know will be easy for you).

Scrabble Addition

Use the scrabble tiles below to work out the total value of your name. Compare the total of your name to those of your family. Which name is worth the most?

Problem solving

  • For each word problem, underline the key information, write down the calculation and work out the answer.

  1. On Sunday I spent 15 minutes on my art project and 35 minutes on my math homework. On Thursday night I spent a total of 90 minutes on my homework. What is the difference between the amount of homework I did on Sunday and Thursday?

  1. A reading book costs $7 and I bought two. If I paid with a $20 note, how much change would I get?

  2. At a fabric shop I bought 125 meters of orange fabric and 50 meters of yellow fabric. I have used 13 meters of the orange fabric and 12 meters of the yellow fabric. How many meters of fabric do I have left in total?

additional online learning links

Senior School Home Learning Choice Board

Level 3 Lockdown Term 1

Write a letter

to an elderly


Find an object

from around

the house

beginning with

every letter of

the alphabet.

Record your list.

Design your



Draw your


Make a video

reading your


picture book.

Share it with

someone who

would enjoy it.

Have a paper


challenge with

your family.

Whose plane can

fly best?

Help your

parent or

caregiver plan

the grocery

list for the


Hide five toys

around your

house. Create a

scavenger hunt

with clues for

someone to

find them.

Draw your

favourite animal.

Combine the

features of two

animals into one

new animal.

Design a new

cover for




Look at an online


website and

decide what you

would buy if you

had $100.

Head outside and

go for a bug

hunt. Find an

unusual bug or

insect and draw


Plan an



Research places

to visit and

things to


Make a list of

the things you

would need to


Write a play

and share with

friends and


Learn how to

make origami

(YouTube has

many videos).

Draw the floor

plan of your house.

Work out the

perimeter and area

of each room, then

the perimeter and

area of your whole


Write 3 things

that you are

grateful for


reading Username: Puhinui

Password: books2015

writing Answer the questions underneath the picture.

Read an article and ‘Complete the Literal and Thinking Questions’.

Complete the activities underneath the picture.

Basic Facts Practice

Read an article and summarise the most important facts.

Listen to a story and write a summary OR pretend you are one of the main characters and write a diary entry.

Studyladder - students have access to a range of literacy and maths activities.

Independent reading site (please email your child's teacher if they can’t remember their code). Write a report about a famous New Zealander.

Maths Strategy videos to watch and practice.