JS maths Videos

Comparing height with Miss Tailby *new*

Comparing height with Miss Tailby.MOV

Comparing length with Miss Revilla *new*

Comparing length with Miss Revilla.mov

Comparing volume & capacity using Water with Mrs Say *new*

Comparing Volume and Capacity using water with Mrs Say.mp4

Comparing weight with
Mrs Virk

Comparing weight with Mrs Virk.mp4

Direct comparison length with Miss Lee *new*

Direct Comparison Length with Miss Lee.mp4

Measurement using a ruler (cm) with Miss Dreadon *new*

Measurement Using a Ruler (cm) with Miss Dreadon.mp4

Measurement with pegs with Miss Revilla *new*

Measuring with pegs with Miss Revilla.mov

Measuring with hand span with Mrs V *new*

Measuring with hand span with Mrs V.MOV

Time clock
Ms Kirkwood

Mrs Kirkwood Time Clock.mp4

Order objects based on length with Miss Ashley *new*

Order objects based on length with Miss Ashley.mov

Repeated Addition 2s with Miss Findlay

Copy of repeated addition 2s.mov

Repeated Addition 5s with Miss Dreadon

Copy of Repeated addition in 5s.mp4

Count in 5s with
Miss Revilla

Count in 5's.mov

Counting all with equal groups with Mrs Harland

Copy of Counting all with equal groups.mov

Counting in 2s with
Mrs Say

Copy of Counting in 2's.mp4

Making Rows with
Miss Ashley

Copy of Making Rows