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Ko te ahurei o te tamaiti arahia o tatāu mahi

Let the uniqueness of the child guide our work

Welcome to Puhinui School's Home Learning Website

Dear Parents/Caregivers & Students

Click on the boxes below for some suggested activities for this week. Keep it fun, keep it positive, have breaks and enjoy family time. There are a variety of activities, both digital and non-digital, by all means, if you find a task or activity that works for your child and your child enjoys doing, feel free to use that one on multiple days. Do what is manageable for you and your family, and always remember to keep it positive and fun.

Here is a copy of an URGENT school newsletter regarding students returning this week. Please fill out the form and submit it as soon as possible:



Student leader Videos

Rainbow Drink with Prisha.mp4

Rainbow Drink with Prisha

Hygiene with Louis.mov

Hygiene with Louis

Indian Dance with Pahuldeep.mp4

Indian Dance with Pahuldeep


Origami Bird with Krish

Making gloop with Sophie (part 1).mov

Making Gloop with Sophie (Part One)

Tongan Greetings with Mateaki.mp4

Tongan Greetings with Mateaki

Making Gloop with Sophie (part 2).mov

Making Gloop with Sophie (Part Two)

Samoan greetings with Yadah.MOV

Samoan Greetings with Yadah

Bouncing Egg experiment with Prisha.mp4

Bouncing Egg Experiment with Prisha

mS extra curricular Videos

Baking with

Baking - Mr Jolly.mp4

Mancala with
rs Job

Mancala - Mrs Job.mp4

Mango Otai with
rs Lameko

Mango Otai - Mrs Lameko.mp4

Pacific Patterns with
rs Krishna

Pacific Patterns - Mrs Krishna.mp4

Making Playdough with
iss Robertson

Playdough - Miss Robertson.mp4

Shading 3D Shapes with
iss Oates

Shading a 3D shape - Miss Oates.mp4

Toilet Roll Phone Holders with
iss Doyle

Toilet Roll Phone Holders - Miss Doyle.mp4

SS extra curricular Videos

Coin Trick with
Mr Seth

Coin Trick #1 - Mr. Seth.mp4

Drawing Illusions with
Ms Grant

Drawings Illusions with Miss Grant.mp4

Feather made with rope with Miss Posthumus

Feather made with rope by Miss Posthumus.mp4

Scrambled Eggs with
Mr Mose

Scrambled Eggs with Mr Mose.mp4

Card Trick #2 with Mr Seth

Card Trick#2 with Mr. Seth.mp4

Eggs and Toast with Miss Garvie

Eggs and Toast with Miss Garvie.mp4

Macrame #2 with Miss Posthumus

Macrame #2 with Miss Posthumus.mp4

Card Trick Lesson #1 with Mr Seth

Card Trick Lesson #1 with Mr. Seth.mp4

Maths trick with
Mr Tuli

Maths Trick with Mr Tuli

Origami with
Miss Ansin

Origami with Miss Ansin.mov

Macrame with Miss Posthumus

Macrame with Miss Posthumus.mp4

Draw a Dragon with Mrs Wright

Draw a Dragon with Mrs Wright.mp4

Science Videos

Maths Videos

Along with what our teachers have planned for your children, the Ministry of Education has a learning from home website - https://learningfromhome.govt.nz/home

They have also launched Home Learning TV.



Please see helpful information from Netsafe for parents below:

Our existing ‘Netsafe schools tools and resources’ have been updated to reflect the current learning landscape, and a number of new resources have been created to help schools and kura support their staff, students, families and whānau as together they navigate this uncertain time. These resources have been made available free to all schools and can be found by clicking on our Netsafe Schools website (or, see actual website URL below). As always, the Netsafe team is there to help, whether with bespoke advice or guidance should an online incident occur. In this rapidly changing online world, Netsafe is there to support us.


Thank you parents, we hope your whānau remains well. Stay safe.