School Correspondence

This section of the school website will provide you with electronic copies of all recent correspondence sent home to parents/carers via schoolbag mail. We will also keep you up to date with regular text messages when new materials are being issued and sent home.

Please ensure that your contact details are up to date and that we have an accurate record of your information, especially your mobile number and email address.

23/5/2022: P7 Transition and Information Evening Update

Parents/carers of our current P7 pupils are asked to review the content of the letter below previously issued by their primary schools.

P7 info PAR LETTER 2022 FINAL.pdf

4/2/2022: Final N5 Talks for Modern Languages

Please see the update bleow issued by our Modern Languages Department regarding the forthcoming Final N5 French/Italian talks.

Letter re Final talk N5 MOD LANG 2022.pdf

4/11/2021: OLSP November 2021 Update
Please see our latest school update below issued on Thursday 4 November.


29/9/2021: Please see the letter below for all parents/carers.


27/5/2021: Please see the letter below for our S6 parents/carers

S6 LEAVERS 2021.pdf

21/5/2021: Please see the important update below for the parents/carers of our pupils who travel to and from school using school transport.

BUSES 2021.pdf

17/5/2021: Primary 7 Information Sessions for Parents/Carers

Our P7 parents/carers are asked to review the content of the letter below for information regarding the opportunity to meet with the Headteacher as part of our transition programme.

P7 info PAR LETTER 2021.pdf

20/4/2021: Please the update below from the school requesting your assistance in dealing with an important local matter.

LITTER APR 2021.pdf

28/4/2020: Please see the letter below with our latest update regarding COVID-19 and our ongoing work here at the school at this time.

The letter is also being emailed to all parents and carers this afternoon (28/4/2020).