School Library

Aims of the School Library

The library aims to provide access to a wide range of resources which are easily located in an inclusive, welcoming environment that supports learning and teaching. The promotion of reading for enjoyment, lifelong learning and information literacy skills are at the core of all activity in the library. The library operates as an integral part of the school and reflects the policies adopted by the school and West Dunbartonshire Council.

Staff Names and Roles


Miss A. Doogan (School Librarian)

Mrs M. Enama (Community Library Co-ordinator)

Opening Hours and Library Availability

All pupils can borrow books from the library to take home. Pupils visit the library regularly during class time, either for research purposes across various subjects or to select books for leisure reading

Opening Hours

Monday 8.50am – 3.50pm

Tuesday 8.50am – 3.50pm

Wednesday 9.00am – 2.45pm

Thursday 9.00am – 2.45pm

Friday 9.00am -2.45pm

(Library is closed from 12.35 – 12.55 for lunch)

Open at lunch from 12.55 – 1.20pm

Monday S1

Tuesday S2

Wednesday S3

Thursday S4

Friday S1

(Reading group/Craft club)

S5 and S6 are welcome Monday to Thursday

Library Resources

Study Aids:

There are past papers for all subjects, which you can borrow and take home or use to study in the library.

Library Cards:

Every pupil is issued with a library card which can also be used in every public library in West Dunbartonshire. Your public library has lots of books for both leisure reading and to help with your school work. At the public library you can:

  • Use computers and the internet
  • Borrow fiction and non-fiction books
  • Download e-books and e-magazines
  • Attend author visits and enter competitions
  • Request books that are out on loan or new books
  • Research local history information

Click the link below to visit the West Dunbartonshire Public Libraries Site

You can download e-books and e-magazines for free using your library card. You also need a pin number which you can get from your school or public library. Follow these instructions: