Art & Design

Aims of the Art & Design Department

The department aims to increase pupil’s cultural awareness of the visual world around them, enhancing their understanding, whilst developing their skills and exploration of materials. We encourage and nurture our students to question, study, create, experiment and produce work of a very high standard in a safe and accessible environment.

Staff Names and Roles

Mr G. Kelly (Curriculum Leader)

Mr D. Dunlop

Mr B. Gardiner

Miss P. Hull

Miss F. McInnes (Principal Teacher of Curriculum)

Art & Design Department Course Layout

Broad General Education

The S1 - S3 Art and Design course gives pupils the opportunity to explore the expressive arts and enhance their creativity. As well as developing skills and techniques in 2D and 3D, pupils will experience a broad overview of the study and practice in both fine art and design disciplines. This also includes interdisciplinary learning through the development of the Integrated Learning Challenges (ILC) and will make strong connections to the work created by other departments.

National 4 and National 5 Art & Design

The National 4 and National 5 Art & Design course enables students to plan, develop and produce creative art and design work. It also develops their critical understanding of expressive and design practice, key pioneers and the cultural impact on major works. National 5 students will further their study by presenting their development and final outcomes for SQA marking, as well as testing their critical awareness in exam conditions.

National 6 (Higher) Art & Design

The Higher Art & Design course enables students to communicate, develop and use materials more creatively. It focuses on both disciplines of expressive art and design, increasing the learner’s experience of techniques, technology and materials. Students will analyse and critically reflect on the work that inspires them and its cultural significance and impact. The student’s work is presented at a high standard, showing a fluid, imaginative development of ideas, refined skill into two final outcomes and their critical understanding will be tested under exam conditions.

NPA & National 6 (Higher) Photography

The Higher Photography course develops students technical and creative skills in using photographic media, technique and processes. Pupils will research, develop and present their shoots to a professional standard. Nat 6 students will submit their research, development and final images to the SQA for marking. Pupils will study the history of photography, research photographers, techniques and practice. They will also plan, arrange and capture their own photo shoots into an eight shoot folio and complete an extensive research booklet.

National 7 (Advanced Higher) Art & Design (Expressive or Design)

Advanced Higher Students will specialise in either expressive or design disciplines, paving the way for their movement into university, college or professional work. They will complete an extensive portfolio, displaying refined, self-driven and thought provoking work that explores and develops a chosen theme into aesthetically considered outcomes to a professional standard. They will research and develop a strong understanding of the world around them, exploring the culture and impact of key artists/designers in their chosen discipline/field on their own practice; to compile and create a written thesis.