OLSP Young Carers

Some pupils in our schools face many challenges due to situations out with their control and this can have a negative impact on their school journey. There are various elements to take in to consideration such as financial constraints in the home, food/energy poverty, changes to the welfare system, health needs of their own or a parent/carer.

A young carer is someone who is under 18 years of age or who has reached 18 and still a pupil at school and provides or intends to provide care for another individual. A number of young carers do not always identify themselves or wish to be identified.

Young carers undertake a number of tasks for the people with whom they live and look after. They are often left alone to do things like washing, cooking, shopping, paying bills, collecting medication or helping to look after younger brothers or sister.

Young carers or a young person facing issues relating to financial hardship may result in them not having as much time to complete work at home which has an ongoing impact on progress, learning & achievement. Attendance at clubs and after schools activities can prove problematic therefore missing out on the social aspects of the wider school community.

Within Our Lady and St Patrick's High School we would like our young carers and indeed all of our young people to enjoy school and feel included, respected and supported here.

Please let us know if there are difficulties meeting deadlines with work, arriving on time, accessing funding opportunities or any other issues which affect a young person. Please make contact with the young person's Pastoral Care teacher or Head of House who will be assist you with any request made.