Home Economics

Aims of the Home Economics Department

The Home Economics Department allows learners to study the relationships between health, food and nutrition as well as learn valuable skills in textiles such as design and creation of clothing items.

S1 Broad General Education – 2 Periods Per Week


Pupils develop a range of practical food skills including; hygiene and safety, how to chop and prepare foods appropriately and use the different parts of a cooker to prepare a variety of recipes. Pupils are asked to complete two homework tasks during this unit of work: Dish Wash homework and Food Hygiene and Storage homework.

Pupils also complete a unit called Food and You to give them knowledge of the Eatwell Guide, Scottish Dietary Goals, the five nutrients and the importance of a balanced diet for health and wellbeing. Pupils are asked to complete one homework task for this unit: a Health Guide for Teenagers.


Pupils also complete a textile unit to develop a range of textile skills including; cutting out fabric, using an iron, pinning, hand stitching, machine stitching and using a computerised embroidery machine. The pupils will make a personalised needle case and complete a design and make task to make a personalised cushion.

S2 Broad General Education – 2 Periods per week

At the start of S2 pupils complete a unit of work on the importance of sustainability in food and textiles, this links to the following units that are covered throughout the year. Pupils complete a Scottish Recipe book homework.


Pupils complete a design and make challenge using Hamlyn Oats to produce a new oatie bar recipe that focuses on the need of energy for activity, pupils analyse how much activity is needed to burn the bar off. The pupils will have an opportunity to compete in a S2 ‘Bake Off’ using this recipe with the two best from each class going forward. Pupils make a variety of recipes using oats to prepare them for this challenge.

This unit is followed by a further practical cookery unit to develop skills and knowledge relating to food.


There is design and make challenge for the textile unit where pupils are asked to produce a Bag for Life. The pupils will use the skills gained in S1 to add a design and personalise the bag.

S3 Broad General Education

In S3 pupils can choose one of the following:

• Hospitality: Practical Cookery

• Fashion and Textiles Technology

Pupils attend 3 periods a week and experience the subjects offered in the senior phase. They advance upon their skills and knowledge that they gained in S1 and S2 and they can carry this forward to the National Qualifications in S4. Further detail on each course that is offered can be found in the drop down menu.

Staff Names and Roles

Mrs E. Cullen (Subject Leader)

Mrs S. Dalziel

Miss. E. Mowatt

Mrs. L. Murray (Learning assistant)

Subject Outline

S1 and S2: Food & Textiles

S3: Broad General Education


Fashion & Textiles Technology

S4 : Fashion & Textiles Technology

National 3-5

S4- S6: Hospitality

Nat 3-5

Scottish dietary goals

Scottish Dietary Goals Poster (Calories)-2 (1).pdf
Scottish Dietary Goals Poster (Fat).pdf
Scottish Dietary Goals Poster (Fibre).pdf
Scottish Dietary Goals Poster (Free Sugars).pdf
Scottish Dietary Goals Poster (Fruit and Vegetables).pdf
Scottish Dietary Goals Poster (Oily Fish).pdf
Scottish Dietary Goals Poster (Salt).pdf
Scottish Dietary Goals Poster (Red Meat).pdf

Eatwell guide videos

sustainability videos