Practical Electronics

Aims of the Practical Electronics Department

Staff Names and Roles

Mr K. Carr (Curriculum Leader)

Mr G. Corrigan

Mr M. Flynn

Mr J. Gallacher (0.6)

Mr M. Gallagher

Mr S. Hutton (Principal Teacher Skills coordinator)

National 4 Practical Electronics

This course enables you to develop knowledge and understanding of key concepts in electronics. There are four mandatory units including the added value unit.

Circuit Design

You will develop a basic understanding of key electrical concepts and electronic components. You will analyse straightforward electronic problems and design solutions

Circuit Simulation

You will use simulation software to assist in the design, construction and testing of simple circuits and systems and investigate their behaviour

Circuit Construction

You will have experience in assembling a range of simple electronic circuits using permanent and non-permanent methods. You will develop skills in practical wiring and assembly techniques. You will also learn basic testing and fault finding skills

Added Value Unit

Developing an electronic solution – you will apply your skills and knowledge from all of the previous units to solve an electronics problem.


To achieve the course award you must pass all of the above units including the added value unit. All course work is marked internally for N4 & is not graded.