Fashion & Textile

Fashion and textiles Technology

Fashion and Textile Technology develops learner’s knowledge, understanding and skills required for the world of fashion and the textile industry.

The course also enables learners to develop an understanding of a range of factors that influence fashion choices made by individuals and society.

Pupils have the opportunity to work through the design process from research and design development to creating basic garments through step by step pattern cutting and garment construction.

The emphasis of the course is on the following practical skills:

· How to develop and research ideas through drawing and design development

· Producing samples through surface design and fabric manipulation

· Basic pattern cutting

· Creating patterns to their own design

· Manufacturing garments to their own design

Skill Development

Sewing doesn’t only give skills for a career in the fashion industry; it also provides important life skills and skills that are appreciated across other career paths.

Recently there was an article written about how doctors and surgeons were graduating without the basic sewing skills needed to stitch people up after surgery.

Some of the skills that will be developed are:

Finger dexterity


Time management

Organisational skills

Some people also find it gives them:

Gives a sense of mindfulness

Be therapeutic and relaxing


Once you’ve got a qualification in fashion and textiles, you have gained a base of knowledge to go on to study further for a successful career in the fashion and textiles industry.

A sample of the jobs that this course would be beneficial to and their average salaries are:

· Designer £16,000 - £85,000

· Sales Manager £42,000 - £47,000+

· Curtain Maker £32,000

· Business Owner £10,000 - £150,000

· Seamstress £15,000+

· Home Economics Teacher £26,000 - £41,000

· Doctor £53,000 - £81,000

· Surgeon £76,000 – 103,000

· Vet £30,000 – 72,000

· Vascutek technician £27,000

· Buyer £25,000 – 70,000

· Manufacture £16,000 - £85,000

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