Advanced Higher

Advanced Higher Course Outline

Advanced Higher Chemistry is studied in S6. The course consists of three units. Once again pupils will deepen their understanding of chemistry developing a wide variety of skills that help prepare pupils for their future careers. Pupils will regularly be expected to carry out prescribed practical experiments in which they will be asked to write a short report on. The content of each unit is as follows.

Unit 1 Electronic Structure and the Periodic Table

  • Electronic structure and periodic table
  • Super and semiconductors
  • Transition metal chemistry and catalysts

Unit 2 Principles of Chemical Reactions

  • Chemical Equilibrium
  • Thermochemisty
  • Electrochemistry
  • Kinetics

Unit 3 Organic Chemistry

  • Instrumental analysis
  • Medicines
  • Organic reactions and mechanisms

Unit 4 Chemistry Investigation

Advanced Higher extends students’ knowledge and skills beyond Higher. Students will face new academic and personal challenges, requiring them to develop their knowledge and abilities, and to think and work independently.

The Course builds on Higher Chemistry, developing further the underlying theories of Chemistry and the practical skills used in the chemical laboratory.

The study of chemistry at Advanced Higher level develops the candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the physical and natural environments.

The Course also develops the skills of independent study and thought that are essential in a wide range of occupations.

An Advanced Higher Chemistry award is held in high esteem by Universities.