Notre Dame UK Schools Community

Thanks to our proud heritage and history, we are part of a Worldwide network of schools and colleges all established by the Notre Dame Sisters of Namur and their founder St Julie Billiart. The building on the hill at Havoc Road in Dumbarton is the old Notre Dame Roman Catholic School for girls which was built in 1912 alongside Notre Dame Convent. The building fell into disrepair in 1969 and a new Notre Dame school was built on Cardross Road. Further west along this road used to be St Patrick’s School which merged with Notre Dame in 1990 to become Our Lady and St Patrick’s High School. The old St Patrick’s school was demolished and the former OLSP was built on its site. The old Notre Dame school was demolished in 2005.

OLSP is now very lucky to be part of network of schools spread throughout the UK and beyond all with the same heritage reaching back to the Sisters of Notre Dame and St Julie.

You can find out more about the UK schools and the Sisters of Notre Dame by clicking on their badges below.

Fernhill School, Glasgow

Notre Dame High School, Glasgow

Notre Dame Catholic College, Liverpool

Notre Dame High School, Norwich

Notre Dame, Plymouth

Notre Dame High School, Sheffield

Notre Dame, Southwark

St Julie's Catholic High School, Liverpool