Health and Safety

Health and Safety Guidelines for Parents/Carers and Visitors

Children and all other members of the school community should be safe and feel safe wherever they are within the school. It is important that staff, children and parents follow the necessary procedures and do not compromise personal safety. Parents, children and staff are asked to be vigilant and help make the school a secure and safe environment.

The procedures we have to achieve this are described below. By adhering to these guidelines, you will help to make our school an even safer place to be.

Visitors Advisory Note

Visits into school are limited to appointments only. Potential visitors might include:

  • Social workers

  • Emergency repair people

  • Delivery drivers

  • Risk assessment meetings

Parent face to face meetings are by appointment only and will be held in the Headteacher's outer office with good ventilation.

Parent queries should wherever possible be resolved over the phone / via email.

On booking an appointment visitors must be told in advance (either over the phone or via email) of our usual safeguarding, risk assessment and housekeeping procedures PLUS:-

  • be asked to confirm that they are COVID-19 symptom free

On entry visitors must have their temperature taken. If temperature is high then they must immediately leave the office and the area be sanitised.

Collection from Clubs

· Parents collecting their children from the Extended Day Club will be asked to wait outside the reception entrance and a member of staff will bring their child to them.

Thank you in advance for your help in making Noel Park a safe place to be.

David Atter

Executive Principal

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