Ninth Edition of the 2018-2019 School Year: May 10th, 2019
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  • May Carnival Prices and Map

    Helmenstine- photo booth poloroids (4 tickets)

    Mesavage- Arizona Iced Tea (2 tickets)

    MX.Yee- Rainbow Roses and Chocolate Raffle tickets (1 ticket per entry)

    Poong- Candy Sale ( 1 or 2 Tickets)

    Hendrick- Cup Noodles (4 tickets)

    Brown/Henson -Eat a Donut of a String (2 tickets each)

    Beacon Staff- Basketball (tbd)

    Lamb/Swanger- Tie Dye Shirts (5 tickets for your own shirt. 10 for a shirt)

    Heckathorne- Marriage Booth (2 tickets per person)

    Sparks- Kool Aid (2 tickets a cup)

    Campbell- Tattoos (tbd)

    Leung/Ms. Lau- Ticket sales (50 cent tickets, 10 dollar wristbands)

    Papagni (Otter Pops/ Hot Dogs)- Otter Pop (1 ticket)

    • One Raffle ticket- (2 MMS tickets)

    • Raffle prizes one of thirty Totoro hand towels by Imabari.  Prizes awarded every 15 minutes or so.

    • Sales of anime merch.  Per item prices will vary.

    • Ping pong toss game (one ticket three balls) Prizes vary.  

    Posted May 9, 2019, 11:09 AM by MCKAYLA MA
  • Great America


    By: Samson Xu and Karol Guzman

    Hey, 8th Graders! We have a trip to Great America on May 17th. The price will be $40 if you don’t have season pass, and if you have the season pass you have to pay $10 for the bus ride.  We are departing from school on 5/17/19 at 9:30 a.m and coming back on the same day at 5 p.m. California’s Great America is in Santa Clara, California. From Marina Middle to Great America using a charter bus, it will take us about 1 hour to arrive. Great America has many fun rides such as, the Drop Tower, Grizzly, Railblazer, Gold Striker, Flight Deck, Demon, and The Patriot. As Great America approaches, we are even more excited. Hope you have fun during the trip! Image result for great america picture california

      The rides have usually have long lines, but the lines shouldn’t be that long since the trip is on a weekday. The day should be very fun and you should come prepared with your own lunch or a lot of money, because the food at the theme park is VERY expensive.  Hopefully it doesn’t rain on May 17th ( it probably won’t ) then you would only need a thin jacket. Image result for great america rides

     There is a new ride called the ‘RailBlazer’ it is an intense and exhilarating roller coaster. On the ride it will be very scenic. It is safe a secured so you won’t fall down. There are also many amazing options such as burgers, pizza, chicken, sushi and many more of your favorite foods.

      There will be 20 chaperones ( teachers and parents ).

    And about 257 8th grade students will be going SPOTS ARE LIMITED.  “I’m not going to Great America because,

    I believe it is not worth the price.” - Ty Ty Luong ( 8th grader)  “I’m going because most of my friends are, it is going to be very fun too!” - Kent Zheng ( 8th grader ). “ It will be fun to go on all on the rides!”-Supath Gurung (8th grader).     

     We ( Samson and Karol ) wrote about this article because we thought it would be good to tell the 8th graders about Great America before the big field trip. It is always good for people to be informed before going.    



    Posted May 8, 2019, 10:41 AM by MCKAYLA MA
  • Marina Highlight Survey
    Posted May 6, 2019, 10:19 AM by MCKAYLA MA
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  • The Life of Ronica - Testing The Life of RonicaRonica in “ Testing” By: Ivy Hu
    Posted May 8, 2019, 11:02 AM by MCKAYLA MA
  • The Life of Ronica - What if Ronica The Life of Ronica in “What if Ronica” by Ivy Hu
    Posted Apr 19, 2019, 10:22 AM by MCKAYLA MA
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  • NBA playoffs

    2019 NBA Playoffs Round 1

    By: Alan Huang & Hugo Xu

    If you have not heard, the NBA playoffs are starting! The NBA playoff is a competitive basketball game best of 7 or first to 4. The name “NBA” stands for National Basketball Association. The playoffs are played to determine who is the conference champions. The first playoff game will start on April 13. The teams are split into East and West, with only 8 teams on each side.Image result for nba playoffs 2019

     There is an NBA Playoff every year and out of the 16 teams, only 8 teams advance to semi conference finals. For this year, the western conference match ups are Warriors vs Clippers, Nuggets vs Spurs, Rockets vs Jazz, and Trail Blazers vs Thunder. The eastern conference match ups are the Bucks vs Pistons, Raptors vs Magic, 76ers vs Nets, and Celtics vs Pacers. Riya V. said, “I’m super excited for the playoffs because my parents always buy tickets to the Warriors games.” In game 1, Stephen Curry set a playoffs record for most career 3 pointers made in playoffs. While Curry is setting records Celtics and Pacers are only scoring 158 points all together with the score of 74 to 84.

     In the end there will only be one team who wins. Who do you think will win the Playoffs and the Finals?



    Posted May 6, 2019, 10:20 AM by Matthew Helmenstine
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  • Pet of the Week : May 10th

    Pet of the Week

    By: Mckayla Ma

    Pet Name : Rusty

    Pet Age: 11 years old

    Pet Gender: Male

    Pet Owner: Ms. Berwick

    Pet Hobbies: Chasing/stealing socks & napping

    Pet Breed: Mini Poodle

    Posted May 8, 2019, 11:00 AM by TAHANE ALI
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  • Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka Easter Explosion

                                                      By: Felix Mamrikov & Tahane Ali

      Recently, now, people are mourning their family member’s loss and some are claimed as missing. The explosion happened by six suicide bombers. Three of them were at luxury hotels and the other three were in churches celebrating Easter.

      Reporters claim that there was a suicide bomber wearing a heavy bag while disappearing into the crowd of people near the church. Sri Lanka police have arrested about 40 suspects and are still looking out for more that might be related to this doing. Sri Lanka government also take fault in this doing because there has been many warnings told to them even by the U.S government but still refused in stopping it, now there are about 310 people that have died from the bombings.

      The event happened in Sri lanka when now there are 8 bombs that have exploded many families have lost loved ones and are yet to lose more hospitals are packed and there's a lot of terrible smoke to breathe in. Sri Lanka bombing happen on a Easter Sunday. The first bombing happen near a church where many people went for a Easter prayer. There was also another man that was there at the church locals say he had a big backpack and was walking to the church were the worshipers went to. (Update) Now Sri lanka government has required a law to not let anyone hide nor cover their face which also includes cultural clothing. The niqab which Muslim women wear to cover their face can’t be worn till they find the bombers that are still out there. Because the Sri Lanka government will suspect people covering their faces. The Sri Lankan government does not allow covering of the face anymore unless this madness stops.The Sri Lanka government has made a new law that


    Posted May 9, 2019, 10:17 AM by MCKAYLA MA
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