Instructions:  TEACH the POLICY -- HERE IS THE STUDENT VERSION                                                                                   SUMMARY of AUP

  1. Read through and discuss with each student the Grade Level Appropriate PowerPoint (see below) Older students can do this on their own. You WILL need to log on for them to complete this process this ONE time, unless they are remote learners from home.

  2. Student takes the test for the appropriate grade level

  3. Student Submits the test

  4. Print out Permission Slip for Primary Grades and Student AUP Agreement for 3rd-12th grades. 

  5. Have Parents sign Permission Slip or Agreement

  6. Return Permission Slip or Agreement to your Teacher

  7. Teacher must sign Permission Slip or Agreement

  8. Teacher must return Permission Slip or Agreement to the Studio - you can SCAN your Permission Slips and Email them to  PLEASE make sure the correct Graduation Year is on the form. 

  9. An Unique username and password will be given to each child that turns in a signed permission slip. 

UNIQUE USERNAME:  All student usernames begin with the year of graduation (Example:  04, 05, 06), then the first 5 letters of the last name and finally the first letter of the first name.  (Example:  04smithc)

UNIQUE PASSWORD: All students will be given an initial password which they must change. 6th-12th-grade students MUST change their passwords for both Computer and Email. These passwords must have capital, small, numbers, and a weird character (8-12 characters total). 

FIRST TIME LOG IN: Follow These procedures on an ASSIGNED Laptop or Desktop

Teachers may request classroom usernames & passwords for Pre-k to 2th graders.  Second graders will gain unique usernames & passwords during their second semester.  3rd graders through graduation must maintain unique usernames & passwords. Students must have a unique username and password for parents to access their grades online.

Grade-level PowerPoints & TestsAcceptable ScorePrint Permission Slip

Score of 10 or above

Primary GRADES
English Permission Slip (K-2nd)

Spanish Permission Slip (K-2nd)

3rd-12th GRADES
Spanish: AGREEMENT 3rd-12th


Score of 27 or above
High School Students
Score of 35 or above
Faculty and Staff TEST
Score of 45 or above