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How to Use Data-Driven Instruction with All In Learning (AIL-Assessments)

MAXIM 1: The PURPOSE of formative assessment is to use the current data to ADJUST instruction.
MAXIM 2: Collection of data should be EASY & INFORMATIVE. Charts and graphs help instructors to immediately find student needs and to create a more personalized learning environment.
MAXIM 3: Leveraging Real-time Data will BOOST Achievement. Identifying students with gaps in understanding and/or lack of skills will benefit instruction time and help to address tutorial priorities.
MAXIM 4: Advanced Learners will be able to spend more time on self-interest projects and student-centered activities.
MAXIM 5: A Data-driven Culture assists administrators and teachers in working collaboratively within a common framework for common goals. 
MAXIM 6: A Data-driven Culture requires educators to be trained in qualitative and quantitative assessments that impact instruction.
MAXIM 7: Continuous Improvement model never reaches a termination point. Educators use data to plan improvement continuously. Data must be collected and analyzed IN REAL TIME to drive effective instruction. 

ALL IN LEARNING can be a helpful tool in achieving continuous improvement if utilized effectively and consistently. SEE HOW IT CAN BE USED!

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