TEACHER Responsibilities for IPAD & IPAD CARTS



Each of your devices will need to be brought to school several times a week and left on during the day so you can get your Antivirus updates and your Windows updates. Please do not plan on just leaving them at home for long periods of time.  When you bring them to school log on to them and they will receive the updates they need. 


This is your resource for using Arp ISD electronic loaner devices project. If the information you seek is not found on this page, please email Dr Rousseau and she will try to get the information up here as soon as possible.
FIRST: If you had an iPad cart last year, you will get the same cart again this year. After we run the latest updates on them, you will be given your cart. You will need to complete the Teacher iPAD Cart Check out Form

SECOND: Any carts that have not been assigned to a teacher are up for grabs. They will go to those folks who attend an iPad Cart workshop. We will let you know when we will be offering a workshop. Watch for those announcements.

THIRD - TEACHER iPad: If you had an iPad Center last year and were properly trained, you will have access to the iPads again this year. Mini iPads and small numbers of iPads to be placed in classroom centers will be given out after the teacher fills out a new Classroom contract for them

FOURTH: If you would like a teacher iPad this year, you will also need to attend the iPad training session. Watch for those announcements. 

FIFTH - TEACHER LAPTOP:  Teachers may come to the Studio to check out a teacher laptop after: 
  • Watching Video (Download VIDEO Here) takes about 4 minutes to download. Teachers you may want to put this video on a machine that students can use.
  • Taking QUIZ When a teacher passes the quiz we will know they are getting ready for a device.
  • Printing 
  • Device Checkout Contract and sign it
  • A Limited number of Dell PC laptops are available, first-come, first-served. 

SIXTH - STUDENT DEVICES: Students who have checked out devices in previous years need only:

  • Watch Video (Download VIDEO Here) takes about 4 minutes to download. Teachers you may want to put this video on a machine that students can use.
  • TAKE QUIZ When a student passes the quiz we will know they are getting ready for a device.
  • Print 
  • Device Checkout Contract, get it signed and bring back to the teacher. Inform Teacher they are ready for a device

Cyberbullying and Fraud

 In 2009, the Texas Legislature added 33.07 to the Penal Code which makes it a third-degree felony to use the name or person of another to create a web page or to post messages on social networking sites absent the person's consent and with the intent to harm, defraud, intimidate or threaten another.  That law also creates the possibility of a Class A misdemeanor charge where a person sends an email, instant message, or text message, referencing the name, domain address, phone number, or identifying information of another person without consent and with the intent to harm or defraud.


(1) Arp ISD - Surplus & Transfer of Equipment Agreement Forms

(2) Computer-Kid Connection 

(3) Computer-Kid Connection - Netbooks - Read Here

Using Your Loaner Device: Students MUST bring their loaner devices to school EVERY school day!

  • Storing Files:
    • You may temporarily store files on your desktop, but then move them to your network folder, SWL, or some cloud storage like Dropbox OR
    • You may upload files to your Blog
  • Adding a Printer:
    • Your teacher should be able to help you locate a printer for any work they want printed.
  • Accessing Email:
    • Use WebMail ONLY on your device

Insurance for Devices

Arp ISD does not endorse any of the following insurance companies. They must be investigated individually and selected on your own investigation. We do recommend that parents purchase laptop insurance. You will need to keep track of your own policy and apply for funds from the company when needed. Arp ISD can supply you with serial number and make/model information. We are supplying you a list of carriers that we have been made aware of: