Arp Tech Department

Awards & Recognitions


 1. To prepare all students in Arp Independent School District (ISD) for a technologically challenging future by complying with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills guidelines as set forth by the Texas Legislature in TEA's Long-Range Plan for Technology 2022.

2. To better inform and utilize parents, community, and business leaders in the area of technology planning. This goal includes as annual school board presentation on Strategic Technology Planning.

3. To allow implementation of technology K-12 in a sequentially valid plan that apportions equipment from simple to complex through the grade levels (i.e. Kindergarten should not utilize equipment more advanced than the high school campus.) This policy may require reapportionment and/or migration of equipment at reasonable and predictable intervals.

4. To allow students K-12 to become more and more responsible for the use, care, and maintenance of equipment as they mature through the grades. Elementary students will be taught basic care of input and output devices. Junior high students will learn the computer system components and proper care of each. High school students will be taught to manage, maintain, and upgrade software and hardware in multiple platforms and various applications. 

5. To more profusely Integrate technology tools into the curriculum as students move through the grade levels. New technologies, new techniques, and new skills will accompany each grade level in a logical, sequential, technology-infused curriculum, beginning in Kindergarten with keyboarding skills and moving to certifications in technical skills at the secondary level.

6. To commit Arp ISD in providing all students with the most effective, current and real-world technologies so that all students may gain valuable, relevant, and marketable skills.

7. To utilize technology in the district to meet student instructional needs and district administrative needs. Planning for technology will be driven by instructional objectives, student needs in achievement, curricular and instructional strategies, and administrative assessments for effectiveness. Hardware will never drive the Technology Plan.

8. Interconnectivity will be the priority of the Technology Plan. The ability to share resources, information and ideas are the most important assets a school district can offer, second only to character development through a nurturing, caring spirit.

Student & Teacher


The following 5 Foundations have been found to improve teacher and student performance in the classroom.

1.  Integration of Technology in the Classroom through Collaborative Learning Techniques and Differentiation of Instruction using the Engaged Learner Model.

2.  Teachers involving students in productive learning and assessment using the SCANS basic skills and competencies.

3. Implementation of Student-centered project-based, service-based, or research-based curriculum.

4.  Utilization of Authentic Assessment through Objective-based Criteria.

5.  Knowing what is Expected by Identifying the appropriate Level of Mastery to be achieved.