Honors Awarded Arp ISD for Technology Infusion Excellence

Arp ISD has been a 1:1 school district with BYOD privileges and a district-provided mixed-device environment for more than 5 years. We have over 500 iPads, 650 netbooks, 180 tablets, over 200 Dell laptops, 150 Acer Laptops and 450 Desktops. Managing these has been a challenge, but we have an excellent Technology Team that keeps the technology up and running.
We are currently selling netbooks to students for $75 with the option of also purchasing a protective bag @ $5 each. There is more information and a pre-sale form online to sign up for this purchase:  

The breaking news is that Arp ISD was recently honored as 1st in the nation as a Digital District for schools under 3000 students by the National School Board Association and the Center for Digital Education.

In 2015, we were 5th in the nation as a Digital District. In 2016, we were awarded 2nd in the nation. In 2017, we are FIRST in the nation as a Digital District.

The National School Board Association and The Center for Digital Education judge districts in 3 categories: small (under 3000 students), medium and large districts. 
 There are over 300 data points that determine how the two associations make their final judgments. Arp ISD, in the past 3 years has moved from 5th to 1st place in the rankings for small districts. 

The collaboration of all Arp ISD teachers, staff, and administrators has resulted in this award and recognition. Arp ISD provides students with extended online learning experiences, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics integration) curriculum, and exceptional blended learning opportunities. 

We have expanded our Robotics, Computer Science, PC Tech, Technology Application and Ag classes to include STEM learning experiences and projects. From Kindergarten to 12th grade, we offer students the ability to gain 21st Century Skills for their successful futures. 

We are also 1 of 8 Power on Texas School Districts. 

Digital District (5th in the Nation)  for small 
school districts as a Digital District

Excellence in Innovation & Distance Learning
  • Check out the Connected Texas press release here and photos from the event here.
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