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Here is a QuickStart for Students on how to START a file (document, slide show, spreadsheet, etc.) in Google Drive. ALL TEACHERS should show this QuickStart to students BEFORE they begin a research paper OR major project. 

STEP 1. Log into Google Email
STEP 2. Click on Google Grid (upper right hand corner) 
STEP 3. Open Google Drive 
STEP 4. Create a Project Folder - Name the folder something like "Lastname_Project" 
You have the ability to SHARE this folder with your teacher.
STEP 5. Click inside the new folder. Then Click on Google Docs to create a Blank Document.
STEP 6 Name the Document - Lastname_Research or something similar

The ADVANTAGES of starting a project this way are many!!! FIRST, it is ALWAYS automatically saved in the cloud. SECOND, it is backed up and you CAN'T lose it! THIRD, you can access it from any machine, any where on the planet that you have Internet access. FOURTH, you can share it with your teacher for comments and edits without having to PRINT!