Levels of Technology Integration - Research-based

Surveys can become irrelevant. What is relevant is the WAY each teacher utilizes the technology they have available to them for promoting higher-order thinking, ethical communication, collaboration, research, curiosity, and creativity.

Goal 1: Each Teacher will upgrade their instruction at least one LoTI Level a year (hopefully more than one) by demonstrating awareness of the ISTE Standards:


Goal 2: Each Principal is aware of what makes a significant difference in student success using the appropriate Technology Tools at the appropriate Level of Integration.

Goal 3: Each student is motivated by a learning environment that incorporates Technology Tools at the appropriate level of engagement.

Research Findings:

(1) Current research has identified student success rates to be positively affected by LoTI levels 4b - 6. Below these levels, there is effectively no difference in student success rates. This means that simply using technology to collect assessment data does not guarantee higher levels of success.

(2) Students using technology to collaborate outside the classroom through research, creativity, and problem-solving have the highest overall success across multiple domains.

According to research presented at the International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement in January 2011 (PDF, 168KB), "No other factor contributed to the change in student's achievement further than the intervention of Differentiated Instruction."

Equity in education can be achieved by teaching students corresponding to their level of readiness, their interests and their learning style, maximizing their opportunities for personal learning and growth (McLaughlin & Talbert, 1993).

Research Articles: