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Arp ISD is happy to announce that we are now offering students/parents the opportunity to purchase electronic devices from the district. These devices are 5-6 years old and are being taken out of inventory. They have been updated with Windows 7 Pro, 4Gb of memory and with full productivity & virus protection software packages. 

FYI:  We do NOT sell devices that are still in use by students/faculty in the district. 

Devices for Sale are $30 each. See description below:

 Lenovo X100e ThinkPads :
  • Windows 7 Pro 
  • 4 Gb Memory
  • 250 Gb Drive
  • 11.6" Screen
  • 1.6GHz Processor Speed
  • SD Slot (no CD/DVD Drive)
Keep Netbook Safe - Purchase a Bag for $5.00

 Loaded with:
  • Open Office Suite -- Productivity Software (Word, Slides, Spreadsheets, etc)
  • Google Chrome & Internet Explorer & Mozilla firefox - Browsers
  • Audacity - Audio Editing
  • Movie Maker - Video Editing
  • Greenshot ---> Screen shot software
  • Google Apps for Education
  • Image Composer & Gimp 2 & Picasa 3 ---> Graphic Editors
  • Scratch 2 --> Coding Software
  • Skype - Telecommunications Software
  • AVG - Virus Protection
  • Malwarebytes & Spybot - maleware and spybot protection
  • Flash Player - Animation Player
and more.....

PLEASE NOTE: BEFORE a students will be able to use one of these devices on the Arp ISD Network, they will need to fill out a BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) Contract. 

These laptops are NOT filtered and students will have to sign a BYOT in order to bring them back on campus. Each purchaser will be able to add and subtract any programs they are interested in having on these devices. They have been completely re-imaged and are NOT & WILL NOT be managed by the Tech Dept.