Before sending in a Maintenance Request, make sure your computer is updated and rebooted. See below.

    ICON     ACTION 
On occasion, you may see this Icon with the exclamation mark. Click on the update Icon and run the updates. You will probably have to reboot your computer. Many times the computer will not allow you to accomplish anything until you run these updates.

The Icon may reappear after rebooting as there may be more than one set of updates needed by the computer. Keep an eye out for this icon and run the updates every time it appears.

Some of the updates may be related to the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Outlook, etc.). If this is the case, the machine may not run these programs until the updates are finished!

When the Java Icon appears, it mean you have a Java update that needs to run on your computer. Please accept this update and allow it to run. 
The Symantec Icon is your virus protection icon. If the Dot is Green it means your computer is receiving antivirus updates. If the Dot is Red it means that you are not connected properly to the Symantec server. You need to notify us with the machine name.

LAPTOPS: Laptops off the network will not have a Dot. They must be placed on the network (wireless or hardwired)  regularly to receive their Symantec updates. You MUST bring your laptops to school at least once a week and allow them to get their updates overnight.

If you DO NOT have this Icon, you need to notify us immediately so that we can add Symantec Antivirus to your machine.

 FlashPlayer UpdateAlways allow FlashPlayer to update, when the popup box appears on your computer. 

 Windows updates should be run once a month