Arp ISD Safety & Security Plan           


    Arp ISD has formulated security campus teams made up of administrators, students, teachers, and parents on each campus to help identify security concerns. Each team is responsible for making recommendations to the District Security Team made up of directors from all departments, campus security officers, counselors, first responders, and administrators. The teams go through the safety and security audits every other year and stay vigilant as to new technologies and recommendations from Homeland Security, Texas Education Agency, The FBI, CISA, MS-ISAC Advisories, and others. 

    UPDATES and PD

    Arp ISD Cybersecurity Officer keeps the district updated with policies, procedures, news, and current threats on a regular basis through email, online PD, and required Security Training. All employees are required to complete the Safety and Cybersecurity training provided by the district. A daily Cybersecurity Calendar is provided to all faculty members for sharing with students (Inspired eLearning). Security updates include notifications from Homeland Security on the latest Phishing Schemes. 

    All students are instructed in Cybersecurity and safety modules and must pass an Acceptable Use Policy exam for their grade level before they are able to gain access to the network. 

    The Arp Tech Department uses Homeland Security Alerts to block malware injected IP addresses and to blacklist malicious sites. 
    Arp ISD is committed to providing all stakeholders with immediate communication as required to keep all stakeholders safe and protected. The district employs several logging and notification programs for alerting the appropriate staff to cybersecurity issues, cyberbullying, and self-harm notifications. Additionally, the district employs a panic button application for all phones as well as handset radios, and a desktop Alertus program. 


    Arp ISD will notify TEA of any data breach dealing with student information. The form for notification can be found here


    Arp ISD utilizes multiple backup sites and schedules to protect the district's critial and private data. We schedule offsite data backups each night, weekly offsite and cloud backup, and external drive backups detached from network and stored in a fire safe on a monthly schedule. Arp ISD also employs a 3rd party backup (Spanning) to all G Suite products for faculty and staff as well as Google Vault for email. 


    Arp ISD utilizes multiple enterprise protection services for prohibiting malware, adware, spyware, and viruses. All devices are monitored and tracked for excessive bandwidth usage and possible infection. All IDFs, MDFs, and NOC are protected by secure locations and monitored for temperature, power outages, and humidity.  All critical stations and servers a connected to UPS units to enable graceful powerdown procedures. All wiring closets are connected to IP cameras for intrusion protection.