AGENDA - Handout for PC Carts

  1. Please watch this presentation and please show it to students before using Laptops

  2. Discuss these rules posted here.

  3. Slides will automatically advance every 15 seconds OR you can Click on Next Slide which will change the presentation to advance only when you click the mouse for each slide.

  4. Please assign each student to a single device each period. Do not allow students to move from one device to another.

  5. MAKE SURE students log off Google Drive (email) as well as the computer! You may have to reboot device if you receive the warning about "inadequate memory" due to students not logging off.

  6. Discuss with your Students what to do if the device is slow: Slow Wired Computer? OR Slow Wireless Computer?

  7. Check to see if a Website is down.....versus the Internet being down. http://www.isitdownrightnow.com/

  8. You can also perform a SpeedTest and "Share it" by emailing it to me. Please do the following:

    • On a Wired Device Run http://www.speedtest.net/ This will document your Internet Speed.

    • If you are on a wireless device run the Speed Test from http://my.meraki.com Please note which access point you are connecting to.

    • Tell me what device you are using (Dell laptop, netbook, ipad, PC Tablet, etc)

    • Tell me WHERE you are (what campus, what room, who is the teacher)

        • For wireless devices:

          • If other students in the same room have better wireless Internet Speeds, you might try moving your laptop to an area closer to the student with better speeds. Lockers, metal beams, cabinets, etc. may hinder your signal. By moving in the room just a little you may get better speeds.

        • Tell me how many wireless bars you have.

9. Have you run your updates? See Task_bar Page