(1) Create a Form in a shared folder in Google Drive. Share the folder with folks who need to respond to the form as well as those who need to read the responses (groups or individuals).

(2) I like to embed the Form in a WebPage for all those who need to fill out the form and have easy access. (Example: Facilities Request Form) Notice on this Web Page I ALSO share the response spreadsheet (read only) so others can view who has already requested the particular facility. This is an option, depending on your form.

FYI: You can also ADD columns at the end of your responses and allow others to make notes. In the above Facilities Request Form I have added two columns "Approved By" and "Date Approved". I added highlights to those columns so that they are easy to find and recognize. Anyone you "share" editing privileges to on this form will be able to add those comments.

(3) Share your Form Response Spread Sheet with all those you want to receive Notifications.

While in the Form Response Spread Sheet you can TWEAK your Notifications.


IF you are not currently in your Response Spread Sheet, you can follow these instructions. If you are looking at your response form spreadsheet skip to #4.

In order for you to receive an email notification that a new record has been submitted to your Form (Survey, Quiz, etc), you will need to:

(1) Open Google Drive on the Web

(2) Use the Search Box to search for your Form (Responses) by name. Here is an example.

(3) Open the Form (Responses) File

(4) From the Top Menu Select: Tools ---> Notifications Rules<\a>

(5) You may set notification rules any way you like. But I prefer the rules below because they will send me an email each time someone fills out my Form AND they will send me an email Summary at the end of each day. If you find yourself getting too many emails, you can ignore the daily digest.

(6) Make sure you Click Save & Done before leaving this option.

(7) You will receive an email from Google this. Make sure you click on the TOP link to view responses OR you can open the attachment at the bottom of the email. MAKE SURE you do not click the last link "Want to stop receiving this email" because that will send your responses to SPAM folder. :-(

(8) When you open the Responses, new entries will be highlighted. To add comments, you must click on View Full Spreadsheet at the top.