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Arp ISD Technology Department Workshops 2015-2016

ARP ISD VISION STATEMENT: Arp ISD will assist educators by promoting meaningful and ongoing professional growth through effective teaching strategies that will engage learners and target postsecondary readiness.

Arp ISD Technology Department Mission: The Arp ISD Technology Department's Mission is to empower all stakeholders with current tools, knowledge and skills for ethical 21st-Century collaboration, communication, productivity, creativity and advanced career skills. 

For full explanation of Goals & Objectives, please visit  the Arp ISD Technology Plan for 2014-17

Goal 1: All students and teachers will utilize interactive technologies and a variety of digital resources to support research-based instructional strategies and interventions to improve student engagement in learning and to meet diverse individual learning needs (Software Utilized to track progress in teaching & learning: Study Island, Edivate Learn, OdysseyWare, TPRI, AR, PD & Observe 360, and others.)

GOAL 2: All stakeholders in Arp ISD will benefit from the district’s rich network, filtered, digital and distance learning capabilities (online textbooks, dual credit and acceleration courses, online PD, and multimedia & interactive resources) 
available on-demand (24-7) and concurrently supported by partnerships with Suddenlink, ERATE, Ed Tech, foundation grants, state 
allotment, federal funding, state grants, and district buy-in.

GOAL 3: All instructional staff receive ongoing professional development based on needs exhibited by multiple assessments 
(Self & Administrative Appraisal System, Competency Survey, Electronic Portfolio, observation, STaR Chart, NCREL survey, Assessment, Parent & Student 
surveys and NCLB & HB5 requirements.

GOAL 4: All community stakeholders are provided opportunities for increased access to technology and school-based information to 
promote parental and community involvement in teaching and learning 24/7.

GOAL 5: The district technology department will increase the amount of technical assistance to staff, classroom implementation, help 
desk support, applications online, administrative software effectiveness, and remote deployment of updates and roll-outs to meet increasing demands for digital resources.

GOAL 6: District technology infrastructure will be evaluated, updated, and maintained on a scheduled basis for maximum instructional 
and informational support.

August PD Agendas
May  PD Agendas
  • Improved Google Sites Workshop
  • iPads in the Classroom Workshop


  • iPads in the Math & Science Classroom This workshop is completely online. Please review the material. For 1 hr CEU credit, explain which Apps you will be using and how in the new school year. Email me your responses. ( 
  • Host PEIMS Workshop for Audit
  • Created ONLINE Workshops for ALL employees of Arp ISD - Click here for Required PD for state, federal and local guidelines
    • Confidentiality Workshop - all Arp Employees completed this workshop
    • Maltreatment of Children & Child Abuse Workshop
    • Bloodborne Pathogens 
    • Diabetes Workshop
    • Food Allergy Workshop
    • Asthma Workshop
    • Suicide Prevention Workshop (HB 2186)
    • Child Internet Protection Act Workshop
    • Schoolway & Twitter Workshop for Crisis Management and stakeholder communications
    • Mobile Device Workshop
      • iPad Classroom Carts Workshops - offered 8 times & continue to offer
      • PC Classroom Carts Workshops - offered 6 times & continue to offer
    • Levels of Technology Integration (HB 5) Workshop
    • Edivate PD 360 Workshop - Professional Development 24/7 for all educators
  • Host Edivate Learn for Lead Teachers - Online Curriculum & Courses K-12
  • Host PD 360 & Observe 360 for Administrative Team - New Observation software
  • Sponsor - Online Digital Coaching - 40 CEU Online Workshop
  • Introduce ALL Teachers to Observe 360
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