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WORKSHOPS to Help Get you Up to SPEED
As educators, we ask ourselves, "What is it we want our students to be able to do?" If you want them to be competent in no matter what the future brings, then we must expose them to a myriad of opportunities to become competent. 

Competency is a progression, from basic skills (example: typing), to blended skills (example: slides with audio, video, and graphics) to advanced skills (animation, programming, managing Websites, etc) to competency (throw anything at them and they are capable of relating it to an experience they already know and understand) and finally, innovative skills (creating new applications to solve future problems) 

Don't we want our students to eventually reach the ultimate level? Then we must give them multiple OS, devices, software, cloud spaces, and opportunities to create using multiple applications, to achieve this goal. We have no idea what the future holds, so give them the ability to feel competent in being flexible, creative, and innovative in any productivity environment they may meet in the future.