START THE NEW YEAR off right    
Checkout an iPad or a Laptop (your choice)


  • Check out QuickStarts! YouTube it! Google it! Become a self-motivated learner as a model for your students.
  • Teacher Resource Link from INDEX Page
  • Technology Available to you
  • Teachers may check out Dell Laptop OR iPad
  • Teachers may request new technology tools after first 3 weeks of school - I will send out a Survey for you to request items.
  • Checkout an iPad or a Laptop (your choice)

    iPad Workshop
CLASSROOM RESOURCES available to you
    • Projector, Doc Cam, Interactive Tool (eBeam, Epson Wireless Projector, etc.) 
    • Checkout Laptop, IPad, or BYOD
    • Software Packages
    • QuickStarts
    • Teacher Resources
    • Google Apps QUICKSTARTs (Email, Blogger, Website, Forms - Make electronic Quizzes that are automatically graded, Unlimited Cloud Storage & Share Folders- Drive, YouTube Channel, etc.)

All Tech Forms (Computer Maintenance Request)
    • All faculty members have: email, Cloud Drive Space (Google Drive & Dropbox) for folders/files, blog space (TigerTube), Web page space (Google Apps), Online Instructional space (Google Classroom & Edmodo), dedicated computer and ability to request technology tools, YouTube channel (TigerVision)

    • Classroom printers and print cartridges are the responsibility of campus funds (ask the campus secretary)

    • Projector bulbs are the responsibility of campus funds (do NOT leave a projector running when not in use)See projector Contract & Care

    • All teachers have the ability to teach online - place lessons, recordings, videos for student instruction online (Posting Policies)

  • POLICIES and LAWS:  CIPA, DOPA, and Arp ISD AUP (Acceptable Use Policy) Summary

    • Who is responsible for student behavior on the computer? CIPA & DOPA

    • Who logs onto a computer? When can a teacher log on for a student?

    • When can students surf the Web?

    • When can students use email?

    • When can students play on a computer?

    • When can students be sent to a computer lab?

    • When can students play games on the computer?

    • When can teachers show Hollywood movies?

    • When can teachers show cartoons?

    • What happens if a new student comes to the district?

    • Do I turn my computer off at night?  Computers during Breaks

    • UNTANGLE Filter & How it Works -- Requests for Opening Sites & Teacher Bypassing for Students

    • SECURLY & how it works


    • AUP STEP-by-STEP


    • No substitute will use technology tools without specific written instruction in the lesson plan and AUP Network Contract. 

    • No movies will be shown unless following copyright laws

NETWORK RESOURCES: Websites, Cloud Folders & Share Folders

  • How to locate information on the Arp ISD Website  (Email, District Forms, Grade Book, Campus Site, Google, District Calendar, etc.)

    • Google FILE STREAM for your Personal Folder, and/or Dropbox

    • Keeping PC Desktop Clear

    • Do NOT SAVE to Computer! (accept temporarily)

  • Software you are ALLOWED to load. Nothing ELSE! Type this address into the search box at the bottom of your screen. 


  • Location of Technology in Your Classroom


Keep Dust & Germs off computers

KEEP Technology Tools CLEAN- You are responsible for your technology tools

  • Clean around your computers at least ONCE a week. Spend time keeping them dust-free.
  • Do NOT use an old "ratty" nasty, dirty mousepad. You are rolling dirt into the mouse. If an optical don't need a mousepad. Keep the table surface clean.
  • Keyboards are not for catching bread crumbs, eraser dust, or coke spills.
  • Clean computer with sanitizing wipes -- DO NOT SPRAY anything towards a computer, keyboard or screen.
  • Flat Screens have special cleaning not use fingers to touch the screen.
  • Keep printers free of dust and toner
  • Lock or Log Off Your computer --Keeps confidentiality and protect a computer from being stolen
  • Surge protectors & pencil sharpeners, heaters, refrigerators, fans = NO! NO!
    • Never plug another appliance into the surge protector.  There is NO protection between the outlets on a surge strip. The only protection is from the wall to the strip.
Windows Update Server - pushes updates out at night - if you see the "update shield" click on it and allow updates - which may require a reboot.

    Virus Protection
    • Symantec -- Make sure it is loaded, up-to-date, and running. If NOT, contact  Laramie
    • - malware remover
    Grade Book
    • Parents can view their children's grades. They will need to contact the campus secretary for access.
    • Grade student work and post updated grades by Tuesday Evening of each week!
    • Attendance will NOT be taken on the computer for the FIRST week of school.  You can print out YOUR OWN roster and take attendance from it for the first week. 
    • You will need a mentor to show you the TxEIS grade book if you not familiar with it.

    IMPORTANT FORM to Fill out


    • QuickStarts, Required PD,  YouTube U, Edivate and TA Assessment (Teacher facilitated online instruction - blogs, wiki, online lectures, videos, and assessments)



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