Remote Writing Workshop Strategies & Activities

Creating a Digital Classroom Gallery


Create a folder within your Google Drive. This will hold student work.

Name it: Classroom Gallery


Right-click on the folder and then select "Get shareable link"

Right-click on the folder and then select "Get shareable link".

Use the drop-down menus (circled) to select

"ANYONE with the link" and "Editor"

then copy the link and click DONE (arrows).

Let's try it!

Here's the folder I have shared with you.

You can add any file or document to the folder by either creating a file within the folder or by dragging a file you already have into the folder. You can see I have added one.

CAUTION: Keep in mind that everyone can see what's in the folder and everyone can edit it.

If I want to protect the files in the folder so no one can edit/change the files, I need to return to the folder, right-click on it, select "Change" and then click on the drop-down menu on the right and switch it from "Editor" to "Viewer".