Get Ready for the SAT

As Londonderry High School juniors, you will take the PSAT in the fall and the SAT in the late winter/spring of your junior year. Both tests will occur during the regular school day.

The key to success with the PSAT and SAT is preparation. You need to be familiar with the structure and pattern of test questions and you need to be confident in your skills as a reader and writer.

To get started, visit the Colllege Board< >. To access the personalized training, including the SAT Question of the Day, you'll need to use your College Board account.

I recommend using the SAT Question of the Day and the Khan Academy (all part of the College Board's resources). I also recommend that you download the app for the Question of the Day and Khan Academy SAT preparation. They will personalize your preparation for the SAT and help you become familiar with the test.

NOTE: When you create your College Board account, be very careful with email, user names and passwords. You'll need to remember them throughout sophomore, junior and senior years.

Prep. for PSAT and SAT: Course Curriculum

Our course curiculum prepares you for your future by strengthening and deepening your skills as a reader and writer.

You continually develop and deepen your skills as a reader when you:

• engage in a dialog with a text

• analyze your response to a text

• develop an argument and select passages from a text as support

• identify connections and reflect on their significance

• develop questions

• research to discover answers to questions and explore connections

• explore literary criticism (reviews, editorials, articles, documentaries etc. …)

• develop your vocabulary.

You continually develop and deepen your skills as a writer when you:

• engage in the writing process – brainstorming, drafting, editing and revising

• effectively use online resources to edit and refine your writing

• create a supported argument with strong voice, idea development, word choice and organization

• develop your range through multiple genres – argument, reflection, prose and poetry

• develop your vocabulary.


Have a good breakfast, wear comfortable clothes and bring the following things with you to the test:

• admission ticket

• photo ID

• an approved calculator

• snack/water (optional)

Note: You will not have access to food/water during the test. Student snacks/waters will be stored in a secured area of the testing room during the test. You will have access to your snack/water during designated breaks only.

Leave the following items in your locker:

• coat

• backpack

• digital devices (smart phone, MP3 player, headphones. smart watch, tablets etc. ...)

Check out these helpful SAT prep. videos: