Summative Assessments

Each semester, competency is demonstrated through a wide variety of summative assessments and the semester portfolio & symposium. Each semester, juniors will complete at least one summative from each of the categories below:  

Category #1: Focus on Argument

Thesis-Based Research Paper

Category #2: Focus on Metacognition

Reflection Paper

2023-2024 Infographic_Summative_Revision_V2.pdf


Authenticity and originality of this summative will be determined by the history and originality report for the final draft as well as all research/draft work included in your Junior English course folder. 

If you do not provide sufficient evidence of the authenticity and originality for a summative, then the score for the summative will be 0/F= Insufficient Evidence. You will then need to use remediation time to start over. 

Late work will result in reduced time to complete the remediation process for this summative. No work will be accepted after the posted remediation period.