Competencies, English Standards & Research

Goal: Create opportunities for every learner to “receive a rigorous and personalized education” through a “course of study that allows (each person) to learn in a deep, meaningful and practical way”.

–New Hampshire Department of Education

SOURCE:“New Hampshire High School Transformation.” New Hampshire Department of Education, NHDOE, innovations/ hs_redesign/index.htm

Londonderry Schools: District-Wide Competencies

Londonderry Portrait of a Graduate and Four District Wide Competencies_March 2019.pdf
District-Wide Comp #1.pdf
District-Wide Comp #2.pdf
District-Wide Comp #3 and #4.pdf

LHS: English Standards

The standards indicated below align with the NCTE/IRA Standards and the New Hampshire Common Core State Standards.

Reading Standards 20-21.pdf
Writing Standards 20-21_V2.pdf
LSV Standards 20-21.pdf
Research Standards 20-21.pdf
Technology Standards 20-21.pdf

Assessment of Competency

Summative Assessments & Formative Assessments

A summative assessment is a performance task (such as a paper, project, or presentation) through which the learner demonstrates competency. Before a summative assessment grade becomes final, the learner will have the opportunity to create a trend through reassessment or revision.

Through formative work, learners have the opportunity to develop the foundation needed successfully demonstrate competency through a summative assessment.

Research: Competencies and English Standards

What are "Essential Skills"?

What is an "Authentic Assessment"?

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International Society for Technology in Education

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Quality Performance Assessment Resources

"Does Competency-Based Education Make the Grade? "

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