American Experience

Course Overview

Course Description

This course is a tech-integrated Junior English course. In this course, we will continue to develop our reading comprehension skills as we encounter works from each of the following periods and movements in American literature: Colonialism, Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Realism, Naturalism, Modernism, Harlem Renaissance, and Contemporary.

Our skills in writing will continue to be developed through the writing of a variety of expository and creative papers with a special focus on the research process and the thesis-based research paper. Critical analysis of film, student presentations, and academic discourse activities will provide us with opportunities to further develop literacy in a variety of media beyond print. Individual needs and interests will receive special attention.

Expectations for Remote/Hybrid Learning: While unlikely, it is possible that we may have to transition to either a remote or hybrid learning model. If that happens, all learners are expected use the weekly syllabus, and related Google Classroom resources, including Google Meet, to engage in course work.

Competency-Based Education: Jr. English

Embracing a competency-based approach to learning, learners will have the opportunity to experience a rigorous and personalized year in English. To learn more about district-wide competencies, English standards and related best-practice research, click here.

Demonstrating Competency

Throughout each semester, learners will complete formative work in the context of their study of American literature. Learners will demonstrate competency as critical and creative thinkers through the following summative assessments:

Essay Test Responses

Free-Choice Summative Assessments

And through the Semester Portfolio, learners will demonstrate competency as communicators, collaborators, problem solvers and self-directed learners.

Semester-End Final Exam

Since we are competency-based, there is no traditional "final exam" at the conclusion of each semester. We will use exam week to complete reassessment/revision work on the following summative assessments:

  • Free-Choice

  • Semester Portfolio

As always, this revision work must be completed in the context of a 1:1 individual conference. Learners who wish to improve these summative assessment scores must report to the final exam session for their class period.

To learn how the semester grades will be calculated, click here.

If/When Absent

If/when absent from class, learners should:

  • Refer to the make-up work policy as written in the LHS Student Handbook (look under INFORMATION tab).

  • Use resources posted in the Weekly Workflow, Google Classroom, and Aspen to discover what was missed and needs to be completed.

  • Connect with Mrs. Juster, as soon as possible, to develop a plan and get back on track. t.