noun work·flow \ ˈwərk-ˌflō \

the sequence of steps involved in moving from the beginning to the end of a working process

Source: “Workflow.” Merriam-Webster, Merriam-Webster,

Workflow Cycle

This includes both Formative Work and Summative Assessments.

Create a Trend

Each completed and scored summative assessment contributes to a trend. A final score for an individual summative assessment is a reflection of this trend.

To improve a trend and overall summative score, return to formative work and seek, additional feedback through conferences and revise or complete a new summative assessment.

IMPORTANT: To receive a new score for a summative assessment, a learner must take part in an individual conference.

Course Grade: A

Workflow Time Frames

All formative and summative work must be completed within the identified time frames posted on the course calendar and/or Google Classroom.


    • Learners who complete work late run the risk of failing the course for the semester.
    • Late work can only be submitted in person and outside of regular class time.
    • Late work may result in the forfeiture of opportunities for reassessment/revision.

Reassessment/Revision of a Summative Assessment

    • For every summative assessment completed within the identified workflow time frame, learners will receive a score and individualized, detailed feedback
    • Following revision work, learners may request an individual conference to have work reassessed for a better grade. (Learners may repeat this process as often as desired within the posted time frames.)


          • Learners who do not promptly request an individual conference may have to seek out opportunities for a conference outside of regular class time.
          • Learners who need need multiple conferences may have to seek out opportunities outside of regular class time.
          • Learners must complete individual conferences for reassessment on or before the posted deadline.