Understanding Grading

Student progress is reflected in running records recorded on a Google Sheet shared with each student via Google Drive. It also recorded in X2 :Aspen. To understand how competency grades translate to traditional grades, reference the chart below.

Formative Work

10% of Term Grade

A learner's grade for formative work includes the following:

Summative Assessments

90% of Term Grade

A summative assessment is a performance task through which the learner demonstrates competency.

Before a summative assessment grade becomes final, the learner will have the opportunity to create a trend through reassessment and revision.

In X2, these trends will be reflected in the fluctuations of the grade for each summative assessment.

NOTE: Competency is measured through summative assessments. To earn credit for a course, all summative assessments must end up at D- or higher.

Special Codes in X2

Summative Assessments

IP IN PROGRESS- Summative assessment is currently a work in-progress.

BG BEING GRADED- Summative assessment has been completed and is being graded.



Formative Assessments

SATIS SATISFACTORY- Formative work has been satisfactorily completed. Provides some evidence of readiness to demonstrate competency.

PART PARTIAL- Formative work partially completed. Does not sufficiently provide evidence of readiness to demonstrate competency.

NONE NONE- Formative work has not been completed/submitted. Does not offer evidence of readiness to demonstrate competency.

NOTE: When X2 indicates that a special code is EXEMPT, it means the assignment has no numerical value. It does not mean that the learner is exempt from completing the assignment .

Workflow Time Frames

All formative and summative work must be completed within the identified time frames posted on the course calendar and/or Google Classroom.

Late Work:

    • Learners who complete work late run the risk of failing the course for the semester.
    • Late work may result in the forfeiture of opportunities for reassessment/revision.

Reassessment/Revision of a Summative Assessment:

    • For every summative assessment completed within the identified workflow time frame, learners will receive a score and individualized, detailed feedback
    • Following revision work, learners may request an individual conference to have work reassessed.
    • Learners who do not promptly request an individual conference may have to pursue opportunities for a conference outside of regular class time.
    • Learners who need multiple conferences may have to pursue out opportunities for a conference outside of regular class time.
    • Learners must complete all individual conferences for reassessment on or before the posted deadline.