Understanding Grading

Summative Work (90% of Qtr./Term Grade)

Each learner's summative work grade reflects the current status of the revision/reassessment trend for the individual summative assessment.

To allow adequate time for revision/reassessment within summative assessment trends, grades for completed summatives can be viewed in X2/Aspen but are not calculated until the second qtr./term of a semester.

2021-2022 Infographic_Summative.pdf

Formative Work (10% of Qtr./Term Grade)

Each learner's formative work grade reflects demonstrated engagement in workshop activities within a qtr./term.

Grades for this work fluctuates based upon completed workshop activities. Missing work is identified in the comment section of X2/Aspen for each workshop grade.

2021-2022 Infographic_Formative.pdf

Interpreting Grades and Codes in Aspen/X2

"Special Codes"

IP* IN PROGRESS- Indicates that work on this assessment is currently in-progress.

BG* BEING GRADED- Indicates work has successfully been turned in and is being graded.


MI MISSING - Indicates that work is missing. This calculates as zero until the work has been submitted.

*Aspen/X2 will flag each of these "special codes" as EXEMPT which means that the code is "exempt" from calculations. This does not mean the learner is EXEMPT from the assignment.

How Google Classroom Let's You Know If You Haven't Turned in Work

Click on "Classwork" and then "View your work".

A brilliantly colored circle (see image) indicates that the work has not yet been turned in.

A grey colored circle (see image) indicates that the assignment has been successfully submitted.

Note: If the assignment is a collaborative work one, only one member in the group will attach and submit the work. Every other member in the group should submit/turn in the assignment without an attachment. This will clear -up their Google Classroom "To-Do" list.