Understanding Grading

Student progress is reflected in running records recorded on a Google Sheet shared with each student via Google Drive. It also recorded in X2 :Aspen. To understand how competency grades translate to traditional grades, reference the chart below.

Formative Work

10% of Term Grade

A learner's grade for formative work includes the following:

  • Work-Study Habits & Skills
  • Ongoing Formative Work (This score can be improved with additional work.)
  • Demonstrated Readiness for Summative Assessment

Workflow Time Frames

All formative and summative work must be completed within the identified time frames posted on the course calendar and/or Google Classroom.

Late Work:

    • Learners who complete work late run the risk of failing the course for the semester.
    • Late work can only be submitted in person and outside of regular class time.
    • Late work may result in the forfeiture of opportunities for reassessment/revision.

Summative Assessments

90% of Term Grade

A summative assessment is a performance task in which the learner demonstrates competency.

Before a summative assessment grade becomes final, the learner will have the opportunity to create a trend through reassessment and revision.

In X2, these trends will be reflected in the fluctuations of the grade for each summative assessment.

Special Codes in X2

YES NOIP (Work is in-progress.)BG (Work is being graded.)NA (Not applicable.)MI (Work is missing/wasn't submitted. This is calculated as a zero.)
NOTE: When X2 indicates that a special code is EXEMPT., this does not mean that the assignment doesn't have to be completed. It means only that is has no numerical value.

Reassessment/Revision of a Summative Assessment:

    • For every summative assessment completed within the identified workflow time frame, learners will receive a score and individualized, detailed feedback
    • Following revision work, learners may request an individual conference to have work reassessed.
    • Learners who do not promptly request an individual conference may have to seek out opportunities for a conference outside of regular class time.
    • Learners who need need multiple conferences may have to seek out opportunities outside of regular class time.
    • Learners must complete individual conferences for reassessment on or before the posted deadline.