Mrs. Juster's Virtual Classroom

Welcome to our REMOTE LEARNING adventure! I took these photos just at good ol' LHS was shutting down for the Covid-19 National Emergency/State Emergency. Everything we did in this classroom, we can still do- read, write, explore, perform, create, collaborate and discuss. We'll just go about it differently.

Thankfully, you're used to our virtual classroom. Now, it's more important than ever! I've also added a way for you to connect with me and for us to have some class discussions. Check in out on the "Conferences" page.

And remember, whether you're accessing this website inside our physical classroom at Londonderry High School or from your #StaySafeStayHome/Socially Distanced location, you can use the resources posted here to:

      • Discover what's happening day to day in a specific course
      • Explore a wide range of American Literature texts through links to traditional and multi-media resources
      • Access resources to support your development as a writer, reader, researcher, nature journaler and creator of multi-media content
      • Connect with Mrs. Juster, virtually!

Explore, discover, wonder, question, enjoy and let me know if there's a resource you'd like to have included here.

-Mrs. Juster



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